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Diamond Heaven Blog

HPHT & CVD Diamond Growth Processes Explained

19 February 2021

With more couples choosing to be more environmentally conscious, lab grown diamonds provide the perfect eco-friendly engagement ring.

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How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring In 2021?

12 February 2021

The unwritten rule for decades has been to spend two months' salary on an engagement ring for your significant other, but is that still the case?...

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2021

10 February 2021

If you’re a new couple or have been happily married for many years, Valentine’s Day is still a special day for many. Widely regarded as...

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Lab Diamond Clarity: What to Look For

25 January 2021

If you’re looking to buy a diamond or diamond jewellery, such as diamond rings or engagement rings, you’ll likely know or have been told...

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8 Engagement Ring Alternatives

18 January 2021

Buying a diamond engagement ring will forever be the traditional method with which to symbolise an engagement. The shine and gleam of the diamond...

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How Eco-Friendly Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

18 January 2021

As consumers, we’re becoming more aware of the damage we are doing to our planet. Processes that have become the norm are now under more...

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Lab Grown Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds

21 December 2020

Lab grown diamonds are a recent phenomenon in the diamond world, with lab grown diamond engagement rings becoming increasingly popular. Instead of...

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How To Design Your Own Engagement Ring

18 December 2020

Personalised jewellery adds a personal touch to any gift. It’s no surprise that many choose to design their own engagement ring when...

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Lab Grown Diamonds vs Cubic Zirconia: What's the Difference?

17 December 2020

Diamond alternatives are becoming increasingly popular with customers, with lab grown engagement rings becoming an increasingly popular choice....

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Winter Wedding & Engagement Trends

14 December 2020

Winter is a magical time of year, especially during December when Christmas trees are up and a festive soundtrack can be heard everywhere. It’s...

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