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Diamond Heaven Blog

Moissanite vs Diamond: What's the Difference?

04 June 2021

Here, we explore moissanite stones, how they compare to real diamonds and why lab grown diamonds are better.

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The 5 Best Places For Shopping in Cardiff

28 May 2021

Discover exactly how Cardiff earned its name as the shopping capital of Wales.

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The Anatomy of a Diamond Ring

21 May 2021

Knowing the different parts of a ring is not essential to finding your perfect piece of jewellery, but it can really help you during your search.

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How Long Does it Take for Diamonds to Form?

14 May 2021

As you already know, diamonds are quite the phenomenon, but how long does it actually take for them to grow?

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Jewellery Insurance Tips

07 May 2021

To minimise the heartache of losing your beloved earrings or diamond ring, take a look at our jewellery insurance tips.

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What is Uncut Diamond Jewellery?

30 April 2021

This article breaks down everything you need to know about uncut diamonds and how you can make a smart investment.

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Is Jewellery a Good Investment?

23 April 2021

If you’re biting your nails and asking yourself whether or not you should invest in jewellery, you’re in luck.

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How to Propose Without a Ring

09 April 2021

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be overwhelming, especially if you know your partner is picky about their jewellery.

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The Top Twenty Most Popular First Dance Songs

16 April 2021

Choosing the right first dance song is one of the most important parts of getting married.

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What is the Difference Between a Wedding Ring & Engagement Ring?

29 March 2021

The fundamental difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring is that an engagement ring is received after a proposal.

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