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Diamond Heaven Blog

7 Wedding Trends to Look Out for After Covid

17 September 2021

Covid’s effect on weddings in 2021 has led to some interesting trends. Here we look at what they are and how they’re shaping weddings of the future.

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Platinum vs White Gold - Which is Better For Engagement Rings?

10 September 2021

Choosing your engagement ring metal can be tricky. Would you benefit from going for platinum or white gold?

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Men’s Wedding Ring Trends For 2021

03 September 2021

As we head towards autumn, we explore the men's wedding ring trends that have developed over the year and how they could shape the market in 2022.

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The World’s Most Expensive Diamond: The Pink Diamond

27 August 2021

We explore one of the world's most expensive gemstones: the pink diamond.

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Design Your Own Ring With Our Ring Builder

20 August 2021

Build the ultimate bespoke diamond rings with Diamond Heaven's custom ring builder.

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Unisex Wedding Bands

13 August 2021

We examine the tradition of wedding bands and look at how their meaning has changed in modern times.

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The Best Graduation Jewellery Gifts

06 August 2021

A graduation ceremony is one of those life events that will remain with both the student and their proud family members for the rest of their lives.

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Everything You Need to Know About Black Diamonds

30 July 2021

Black diamonds are somewhat of a mystery with several theories on how they were created.

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The Meaning of Sapphire Jewellery - Properties & History

23 July 2021

Adored by the Duchess of Cambridge, as well as more regular jewellery wearers, sapphire is thought to have mystical powers.

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What Does A Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring Mean?

16 July 2021

Canary yellow diamonds are the most popular amongst rare coloured diamonds and are symbolic of wisdom, long-lasting happiness and love.

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