Sapphire - September’s Birthstone

Sapphire - September’s Birthstone

Sapphires are a beautiful choice for engagement rings & the birthstone of September

The birthstone of September is sapphire - a beautiful gemstone that's a variety of the mineral corundum. The most popular colour sapphire is blue, but sapphires form in a wide range of colours (aside from red - this is a ruby). From yellow to pink and purple, every sapphire that forms is unique. 

September's birthstone is the sapphire-a precious gemstone of that, according to ancient lore, instilled wisdom, loyalty and nobility. When used in engagement rings, sapphires symbolise faithfulness and sincerity. 

Where are Sapphires Formed?

Sapphire deposits can be found in North America, East Africa, Thailand, China, Montana, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Eastern Australia. What's interesting about Sapphires is that their origin doesn't guarantee the quality, as each mine produces large quantities.

Famous Sapphire Jewellery

The Star of Adam

In 2015, the world's largest blue star sapphire was found in southern Sri Lanka. Weighing 1,404.49 carats (280g), its estimated value sits at a minimum of $100 million. The name ‘The Star of Adam' comes from its current owner, and references his Islamic beliefs. 

Rockefeller Sapphire

John D. Rockefeller purchased the Rockefeller Sapphire in 1934 from an Indian Maharajah thought to have been the seventh and the last Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Osman Ali Khan. The sapphire weighs 62.02 carats and is internally flawless. 

Maria Alexandrovna Sapphire Brooch

The sapphire in Maria Alexandrovna's broach weighs 260.37 carats and was purchased by Russian Emperor Alexander II in 1862, during the Great London Exhibition. Due to its clarity, colour, size and cut, this stone is very rare.

Tips for buying Sapphires

Treated Sapphires 

Whether you're buying loose sapphires or sapphires for jewellery, there's a strong chance it has been treated. In order to get rid of tiny inclusions and impurities, sapphires undergo intense heat treatments, thus enhancing the colour and reducing the opacity of the jewel. 

As with any gemstone, whether it is a diamond, ruby, emerald or sapphire, you should ask which method has been used to treat it. In the GIA Identification Report, you can find out whether the gem is synthetic, natural or has been treated in any way. 

Our Favourite Sapphires 

Sapphire and Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring

If you're planning on proposing to your partner and they're born in September, then why not go for a sapphire engagement ring? This wonderful blue sapphire and diamond three stone ring will certainly turn heads! Set in platinum or white gold, you can personalise the ring to exactly how you want it to look. 

Sapphire and Diamond Eternity Ring 

Sapphires are gifted on a 45th wedding anniversary, so why not make it doubly special and go for a Sapphire and diamond eternity ring? These round-cut sapphires and diamonds sit in a four-prong setting. Half channel eternity rings are great for those who live an active lifestyle. 

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