5 ways to make an Engagement Ring more meaningful

 5 Ways to Make an Engagement Ring More Meaningful

Make your partner's engagement ring truly unique with these tips.

If you're thinking about proposing to your partner, then chances are you'll want to ensure that the engagement ring you buy is meaningful and personalised. When you choose a ring that's a little different and tailored to the tastes of your partner, it will be much more significant. These alterations don't have to be super visual - they can be small changes that are meant just for you and your partner. The experts at Diamond Heaven have put together a list of ways you can add a little sentiment to your ring. 

1. Get the inside of the Ring Engraved 

While a lot of newly-weds choose to engrave the insides of their wedding bands, you could take it that step further and engrave the inner shank of your engagement ring with the date of the proposal, your pet-name, initials or whatever tickles your fancy. The best metals to get engraved are yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. This intricate touch is sure to put a smile on your partner's face. 

2. Get the Diamond inscribed 

Perhaps one of the industry's best kept secret, for a small price you can get your diamond inscribed by the GIA. What makes this so special is that the inscription won't be visible to the naked eye - you'll need a loupe or 10x magnifying glass to see what was written on the diamond. If your partner has chosen their engagement ring, this is a great surprise.

3. Choose a Fancy Coloured Diamond 

Fancy coloured diamonds are incredibly rare, and an excellent alternative to brilliant white diamonds. You could choose a colour that is your partner's favourite, or surprise them. Whether you choose a sparkling yellowjet black or fresh pink diamond, this style of engagement ring will certainly stand out from the crowd.

4. Add Birthstones and/or Gemstones

If your partner has always wanted a traditional diamond engagement ring but you want to add a personal touch, then consider adding your partner's birthstone or their favourite gemstone to the ring. You could add rubies to the inside of the band or sapphires on the outside of the band - whatever style suits your partner.

5. A custom setting 

Another great way to customise your engagement ring is by choosing a custom setting that's like no other. You could opt for a cathedral setting in two tone metal or a bezel setting that surrounds the gemstone. From a prong to a claw setting, you can craft a truly wonderful engagement ring. 

Your partner is unique, so they deserve an engagement ring that is equally as original. At Diamond Heaven, we are passionate about setting ourselves apart from our competitors. We are always committed to producing high-quality diamond jewellery and offering unbeatable customer service. We understand how difficult it can be to pick an important gift. If you would like support in selecting the perfect piece of jewellery to gift your partner, contact our team or visit our BirminghamLondonGlasgowManchester or Cardiff branch. We are on hand to make your gift buying experience stress free and enjoyable.