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What Is A Solitaire Diamond Ring?

Any ring featuring a single, solitary diamond, can be classified as Solitaire Diamond Rings. These rings are considered to be particularly classy and their minimalistic, single diamond ring design often makes them an excellent choice for those on the market for a timeless & elegant Engagement Ring.

Are Solitaire Diamond Rings Suitable Engagement Rings?

The minimalist design of a Solitaire Diamond Rings makes for a very versatile piece of jewellery that can be worn suitably as a luxury accompaniment on most occasions. A Solitaire Diamond Ring from Diamond Heaven is always a safe investment, as they are unlikely to look out of place when worn to the office, an evening dinner or even a late afternoon brunch.

How Many Carats Are In A Solitaire Diamond Ring?

The caratage in a Solitaire Diamond Ring depends entirely on the size of the diamond featured. We offer a selection of sizes and settings for all of our diamond rings and we would encourage you to browse through our catalogue of Solitaire Rings online, in order to find the perfect diamond size and setting to suit your needs.