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Eternity Rings

An eternity ring is a ring which is given to signify lasting affection, with it usually being offered on very significant occasions, such as a particular anniversary in a relationship or the birth of a couple's first child. Eternity rings have been shared for over 4,000 years.

Diamond Heaven offers a wide array of eternity bands, perfect for either of the aforementioned occasions. In terms of design, we have an array of different styles and settings, such as Full Prong, and Gemstone - the latter of which contains rows of either Blue Sapphires, Pink Sapphires, Emeralds, and Ruby Gemstones.

You're guaranteed quality with Diamond Heaven, with there being an array of quality options available online and in store at Diamond Heaven BirminghamGlasgowManchester & London.

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How Do I Choose An Eternity Ring? 

When you're buying an eternity ring online, there are a few areas that should be considered. First of all, there is a choice between a Half Eternity ring, and a Full Eternity ring. Many opt for full eternity bands, with diamonds/gems going all around the ring, while half eternity rings only cover a part of the ring.

There are other metals, settings and shapes that can be considered when you're looking for the perfect eternity ring. From half channel to full pave, and from round shaped diamonds to the spectacular marquise shaped diamonds, there is truly a style to suit everybody, every big occasion, and every partnership.

When it comes to quality, there are the classic "4 C's" that should be looked into: colour, cut, clarity and carat.  The Half Carat Eternity Ring is one of the most popular carat weights, with the 2ct Eternity Ring becoming increasingly popular.

How To Choose An Eternity Ring
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Why Buy An Eternity Ring From Diamond Heaven?

With an eternity ring from Diamond Heaven, you're guaranteed quality that will truly last. All of our diamonds are independently certified so you can rest assured that your eternity ring has been professionally graded and is set to last a lifetime; fitting of an eternity ring.

Diamond Heaven have a huge selection of eternity bands that provide something for everybody. With a range of cuts and settings, you can easily make the perfect choice with our range, available online and in store at Diamond Heaven Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester & London.


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