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What Is Meant By "Lab Grown" Engagement Rings?

In general, the term Lab Grown in reference to Diamond Engagement Rings, refers to a diamond which has been created in a laboratory to effectively mirror the genetic and chemical DNA of traditional, mined diamonds. These Lab Grown Diamonds are recognized as being more economically conscious, as they boast much lower production costs and are widely considered to be the more sustainable option due to their lower carbon footprint.

Are Lab Grown Engagement Rings Higher Or Lower In Quality?

The science behind Lab Grown Diamonds, gives evidence of them being a cost-effective substitute for naturally mined diamonds. Their increased popularity among diamond shoppers can be attributed to their almost-identical chemical structure and customers in search of more affordable Diamond Engagement Rings should feel confident in knowing that Lab Grown Engagement Rings have become a largely similar, equally viable diamond alternative. Those wanting to purchase any Lab Grown Engagement Rings online can rest assured that all of our diamond jewellery is of universally high quality, irrespective of the origin of the diamond.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds More Ethical?

Research shows that Lab Grown Diamonds are, in fact, more sustainable than traditionally mined diamonds, and the lower production costs involved also means that they can be sold directly to consumers at lower prices. Those wondering where to buy Lab Grown Engagement Rings should consider looking through our selection of online Lab Grown Engagement Rings for a more environmentally-conscious diamond purchasing option.