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Diamond Pendants

A pendant is a small piece of jewellery that is built to hang from the chain of a necklace, creating a stunning accessory. Available in a multitude of shapes, sets, and colours - pendants are a staple of many jewellery collections.

At Diamond Heaven, we have a massive array of diamond pendants that can suit any occasion, and any style. When it comes to design, we offer several different styles. From a classic design like a solitaire pendant, to a more spectacular Black Diamond or Yellow Diamond pendant, Diamond Heaven's range of pendants suit all occasions, and offer something for everybody.

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What Is The Difference Between A Pendant & A Necklace? 

The key difference between a pendant and a necklace, and other options such as chokers, is that a pendant is designed to hang onto the chain of a necklace, or even an anklet or bracelet, offering a lot more to the overall piece.

This is a key part of the decision making process when people are in the market for a piece of jewellery. A pendant can be a locket, or a charm, which holds host to an array of different gems and colours, as well as diamonds, and is available in a massive array of different shapes.

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How Do I Choose A Diamond Pendant? 

When buying a diamond pendant online, it's important to choose the type of pendant you're after, in terms of both shape and setting.

You can opt for a designer pendant , which is designed to stand out and make a statement, while another option would be the more classic solitaire design. Gemstone pendants - available in Blue Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby - offer a more vivid colour, while also being lined with diamonds, creating a unique look.

In terms of quality, you should consider the 4Cs: cut, clarity, colour and carat. These will determine how your pendant looks, how it sits, and how much you can spend. All of our diamond jewellery is independently certified, meaning that you know everything about its origins and condition. With Diamond Heaven's range of diamond pendants, you're absolutely guaranteed a quality piece of jewellery which is built to last.


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