Things to Consider When Buying a Heart-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Things to Consider When Buying a Heart-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Looking to add a romantic and heartfelt spin on that engagement proposal you’ve been planning? A heart-shaped engagement ring is a beautiful and romantic choice that is sure to leave your loved one speechless.

Before making your purchase, there are some important things to consider to ensure that you have a heart engagement ring that complements your proposal. Heart rings are less common compared to other engagement ring types, but complement other jewellery types beautifully.

We’ve put together some things you need to know before buying a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring.

Be Aware of the Bowtie Effect in the Heart-Shaped Diamond

The bow-tie effect is not just exclusive to marquise, oval and pear shaped diamonds, but it’s also visible in heart diamonds.

With a heart shaped diamond, the bowtie effect appears in the stone’s centre. Most, if not all diamonds of this shape will have a bowtie that can either be unnoticed or severe. While a slight bow tie effect is considered normal and can add character to the diamond, an overly pronounced bowtie can significantly affect its beauty.

When shopping for a heart shaped engagement ring, make sure that you examine the stone carefully to ensure that the bowtie effect is minimal and does not compromise the overall brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. 

Choosing the Right Carat Diamond is Essential 

The carat weight refers to the size of the diamond and plays a key role in the engagement ring’s appearance.

With a heart-shaped diamond, the carat size is absolutely crucial as it can affect the overall shape of the stone. A diamond that’s not large enough will not be able to show the shape clearly as it will look round. To get the perfect heart shape, the diamond needs to be around one-half of a carat.

It's important to strike the right balance between size and quality to create a visually appealing ring to ask that all-important question.

Getting the Outline and Symmetry is Key 

The outline and symmetry of a heart-shaped diamond are essential for creating an elegant and well-proportioned engagement ring. 

You need to make sure the diamond shape has a perfect outline and symmetry. The diamond’s cleft needs to be well-defined, with the wings at the sides of the diamond being slightly rounded. It’s crucial that both the left and right sides of the diamond must be identical to one another.

By paying attention to the diamond’s outline and symmetry, it means that you will have the perfect ring to propose to your partner with.

Bezel and 3-Prong are the Best Settings for a Heart-Shaped Band 

When it comes to the right setting for a heart-shaped engagement ring, the bezel and 3-prong settings work well for this ring type.

With a bezel setting, it’ll encircle the entire diamond, providing maximum security to the ring while also blocking a bit of light to the diamond. On the other hand, a 3-prong setting is also another good choice for this type of engagement ring as it is not only secure, but also provides plenty of light into the diamond.

How to Wear a Heart-Shaped Engagement Ring 

Once you’ve found a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring, your partner may wonder what is the best way to wear this unique piece of jewellery.

A heart engagement ring should be worn on the fourth finger of your left hand (also known as the ring finger). The point of the heart should be facing towards your partner, signifying that they are engaged to you, as well as symbolising the love and commitment between two people.

Buy Your Partner the Perfect Heart-Shaped Engagement Ring They’ve Dreamed of at Diamond Heaven

Popping the question with a heart engagement ring is the most beautiful way to propose to your partner. By taking these things into consideration, it means that you and your partner will have a piece of jewellery that can be treated as an heirloom for future generations.

Getting the right heart-shaped engagement ring is essential to a successful proposal. Book an appointment at your nearest showroom and our experts will help you find the perfect heart-shaped band to ask the all important question to your partner. 

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