Which Diamond Cut is Best?

Which Diamond Cut Is Best?

Agonising over finding the perfect engagement ring is one thing, but choosing the ideal diamond shape is another. Diamonds can be cut and polished in a wide variety of shapes to create the dream engagement ring. Different diamond shape trends change over time while some people prefer the classic diamond cuts. If you’re looking for a ring for yourself or your special someone, we take you through the most popular diamond shapes and what makes each cut unique.


Arguably the most popular but also the most expensive diamond cut in the world, the round contains 57 perfectly aligned facets to ensure it can outshine any other diamond. The design relies on complete internal reflection as light travels right through the stone to give incredible sparkle and scintillation. If you or your loved one wants a classic, traditional engagement ring, the round brilliant cut diamond is the ideal choice for you.


Sometimes referred to as the pillow cut and similar to a princess cut, the cushion cut diamond has a beautiful square shaped cut. It blends the energy of a round brilliant diamond, but with the symmetry you’d find in a radiant cut to create a stone with rounded corners. The larger faceting of the cut enhances the brilliance of the stone. If you’re looking for a diamond cut with great fire - light that is reflected out of the diamond in a rainbow - then the elegant cushion cut is perfect for you.


A princess cut diamond is popular with those who love their angles. The square shape brings a contemporary feel to any diamond ring and be put in either a square or compass point orientation to show off those angles. The Princess cut is a timeless classic and a great diamond cut for an engagement ring.


One of the earliest diamond cuts in the world, the classic emerald cut, is a great choice for coloured gemstones and high-quality diamonds. An emerald cut is sometimes referred to as a “step cut” because of the layered faceting that brings a symmetrical sparkle. The minimal and simple faceting means inclusions end up showing. If placed in an open setting, it will show the diamond’s colour. Closed or bezel settings are better for lower colours. If you choose an emerald cut, ensure you have a high quality diamond to emphasise the colour of the stone.


For a softer shape, the oval diamond ring is a popular choice. Its shape is slightly longer than the round cut, but the similar sparkle makes it a great choice to elongate the finger. Ovals are usually cut from shallower diamonds to make the most of a rough stone. There’s nothing rough in the final outcome, as an oval cut gives you a stunning diamond ring.


If you’re looking for an even longer cut, the marquise could be the one for you. Carat for carat, the marquise has the largest surface area of all the diamond cuts in this list. Because of its size, it always looks incredible even as a 0.39ct right up to 0.90ct. A ring with a marquise cut diamond is sure to wow your loved one when you pop the question.


Almost octagonal in shape because of the curved edges, the asscher cut features a timeless, understated soft glow from the stone. The asscher is created from a blend of princess and emerald cuts, featuring X-shaped facets from the corners to the centre. The cut emphasises the clarity of the diamond and is a great way to showcase a higher clarity diamond.


The pear shaped diamond cut has risen in popularity in recent years. Whether set into a solitaire or with pave shoulders, this is an elegant diamond shape and adds a sprinkle of old-school glamour to any jewellery. With an addition of milgraining, it gives off a modern-day vintage vibe.


Another popular angular shape is the radiant cut diamond. Created during a cut between an emerald and a round brilliant, the radiant gives the wearer a diamond that exudes clean lines and brilliance. While it’s one of the most unusual shapes on this list, it’s a popular choice for a coloured stone. 


For the ultimate symbol of love, the heart cut diamond has its fans. A heart shape diamond screams love and really highlights your intentions, while giving your loved one a stunning ring they’ll cherish forever.

Which Cut sparkles the best

If sparkle is the most important element of your ideal diamond cut, then the round brilliant diamond takes that mantle, as it’s good for taking in and reflecting light. 

However, other cuts such as the heart, oval, pear and marquise are also designed to reflect light as much as possible and deliver an incredible effect.

If you’re still unsure which cut is best for your diamond engagement ring, talk to the experts at Diamond Heaven who are ready and waiting to advise you. Book an appointment with us or get in touch today to find the best diamond cut for you. 

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