Best Yellow Diamond Jewellery Pieces for Summer

Best Yellow Diamond Jewellery Pieces for Summer

Summer is here and is the perfect time to invest in new jewellery. While traditional diamond jewellery is beautiful all year round, different colour diamonds fit better for different seasons of the year. In summer, the yellow diamond is a popular choice for jewellery lovers. 

What are Yellow Diamonds?

Yellow diamonds, also known as Canary diamonds, are a variety of coloured diamonds. While many diamond wearers prefer the traditional and elegant colourless stone, yellow diamonds are one of the most popular coloured diamonds in the world. 

Interestingly, diamonds found at the bottom of the colourless grading scale contain traces of yellow, which puts them at the bottom of the yellow diamond category scale. The more desirable intense yellow stones can be found at the other end of the scale. The colourless grading scale goes from D-Z while the yellow colour grading scale begins with the Y-Z range.

Origins of Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds can be found all around the world, but they typically originate from South Africa. The stone is formed over millions of years, in the same way as a colourless diamond. The yellow colour is the addition of nitrogen in the compound element of the stone. High temperatures and immense pressure below the Earth’s surface creates the natural yellow diamond which polishers can transform into something stunning.

Like every colour diamond, it is available in every shape and size including oval, cushion and princess cuts. 

What do Yellow Diamonds Symbolise? 

While diamonds are generally accepted as a symbol of love and devotion, yellow diamonds take this further by symbolising knowledge, intellect and wisdom. Yellow exudes fun and the uplifting colour creates a sense of cheerfulness and optimism - everything that summer symbolises. 

Yellow Diamond Rings

If you’re looking for a beautiful ring that stands out during summer, a yellow diamond ring is a great choice. A Fancy Yellow Cushion Diamond Ring really allows the striking colour of the stone to stand out, no matter what crowd you find yourself in. 

A Fancy Yellow Cushion Diamond Single Halo Ring takes that further as the yellow stone dominates the piece, leaving subtlety behind. Mix up your yellow diamond ring with a Yellow Radiant Diamond Cluster Ring to allow the surrounding round brilliant diamonds accentuate the scorching yellow shine.

Yellow Diamond Earrings

Let your ears sparkle in the sunlight with Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings. These pieces are truly breathtaking, with every design crafted to last many summers. Yellow Oval Diamond Stud Earrings sit beautifully, giving you a subtle sparkle. 

For something more noticeable and natural, Yellow Pear Diamond Halo earrings hang elegantly with the diamond surrounded by an angelic halo of round brilliant cut diamonds. If you want to display your love for someone this summer, our Yellow Heart Diamond Halo Earrings will exemplify your bond in style.

Yellow Diamond Pendants

Fancy vivid yellow diamonds make the perfect centrepiece of a pendant, allowing the wearer to radiate cheerfulness and optimism from the heart. A Fancy Yellow Cushion Diamond Halo Pendant has the diamond placed in the middle of a bed of brilliant cut diamonds for an incredible sparkle. 

If you really want the diamond to stand out on the pendant, a Yellow Radiant Diamond Halo Pendant ensures you radiate summer wherever you are. For a subtler yellow sparkle, a Yellow Pear Diamond Halo Pendant has a smaller stone that sits in a bed of halo round brilliant diamonds.  

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

If summer is the season of love and you want your loved one to have a unique piece of jewellery, why not pop the question with a yellow diamond engagement ring? If your special someone loves striking colours, they’ll love showing off a Fancy Yellow Cushion Diamond Halo Shoulder Set Ring that has round cut brilliant diamonds surrounding the yellow stone to keep the light surrounding the piece. 

Show your loved one how you value them with a Yellow Cushion Diamond Shoulder Set Ring which sets the diamond out like a pedestal as it sits at the top of the ring. For a truly unique piece, the Ribbon Cushion Yellow Diamond Vintage Ring as the stone nestles nicely in a diamond collar. 

All the yellow diamond pieces above can be created to your specification at Diamond Heaven. With the 4Cs in mind (Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat), you can craft your own diamond jewellery to display this summer. Shop online today or book an appointment with our team who will be happy to help you find your perfect summer jewellery.