Why We Love Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Why We Love Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Black is the new silver - find out why we like black diamonds!

As the most popular colour out of all coloured diamonds, Black Diamonds are in hot pursuit. Here at Diamond Heaven, we  share with you why we have turned to the dark side of diamonds.

What are Black Diamonds?

An air of mystery is embedded within these diamonds. Scientists have suggested that these precious gems originate from interstellar space, and crashed down from space in a kilometre-sized rock. In recent years, the demand for Black Diamonds has skyrocketed (pardon the pun). Their rise in popularity dates back to 1996 when Swiss jeweller, Fawaz Gruosi, created a successful collection consisting of black diamonds. However, before you join the trend, why not learn more about Black Diamonds?

Black Diamond Mythology

Black diamonds are embedded in antiquity, myth and mystery. One of the biggest questions plaguing these precious gems is: Where did they come from? A common theory is that Black Diamonds originate from interstellar space. This notion has been backed up by scientists, who believe carbonado diamonds are formed in stellar supernovae explosions and were once the size of asteroids or kilometre-sized rocks! One of the most puzzling features of black diamonds is that they are porous. Scientists believe that it would have been difficult for gas to become trapped in rocks at depths of around 200 kilometres below the Earth's surface, thus solidifying this argument. Since these diamonds have only been discovered in two places on Earth (Brazil and Central African Republic), some scientists suspect that they fell from space to Earth.

Symbolism and Meaning of Black Diamonds

Associated with power, elegance and mystery, black diamonds offer an elegant alternative to their classic clear counterpart. The traditional properties of these diamonds also include passion and energy. It believed that wearing jewellery containing diamonds helps to enhance relationships, increase inner strength and provide the wearer with balance, clarity and abundance.

What gives them their Colour?

Diamonds can occur in nearly any colour, with the most common hues consisting of yellow or brown. If the colour is strong enough, the diamond may be referred to as ‘fancy coloured.' These pigmentations in diamonds are due to impurities, creating a wonderful natural accident. In this case, the gorgeous black luster in these diamonds are caused by carbon.

Are there Different Types of Black Diamond?

There are three types of black diamonds with three different price tags. These include natural black diamonds (also called fancy black diamonds or Carbonados), man-made black diamonds and treated black diamonds. Natural Black Diamonds can only be found in Brazil and the Central African Republic. Depending on your budget, all three types make for a beautiful statement piece. However, it may be important to outline these differences so you can get to know your diamond.

Natural Black Diamonds

These diamonds get their colour due to the impurities that have attached to them during the formation process. In this case, it is carbon which causes the black luster seen in these diamonds.

Man-made/treated Black Diamonds

These black diamonds are made in a lab and are often the cheapest Black Diamonds to purchase. Originally, the diamonds are regular white diamonds which contain a large amount of inclusions. To change the colour of these diamonds, irradiation or heat treatment are carried out.

Due to the rare nature of black diamonds, it is more common for them to be colour treated. However, this process does not affect their durability and are equally as stunning as the natural gems.

Famous Faces and Black Diamonds

One of the many reasons for the spike in Black Diamond popularity may be partially due to the famous faces that adorn them. Back in 2008, Carmen Electra's Black Diamond engagement ring made headlines when her rockstar boyfriend proposed to her with a huge Black Diamond ring. Electra claimed that the gorgeous ring was "something different" and therefore "perfect" for the couple's aesthetic. However, despite being fictional, one of the most famous Black Diamond rings may have been exhibited by Sex in the City's Carrie Bradshaw. This fashion icon boasted a 5 carat black diamond engagement ring set in an 18 carat white gold band. With her impeccable style, it is no surprise that hubby, Mr Big, also has an exquisite taste in jewellery.Other famous faces who own Black Diamond rings nclude tattoo artist Kat Von D, and NSYNC's Lance Bass. Not only have celebrities been spotted with engagement rings , but also pendants, necklaces and earrings. Further famous faces sporting Black Diamond studs include actress Sandra Bullock, actor Will Smith, singer Wiz Khalifa and American footballer Reggie Bush. This proves that Black Diamonds are the perfect gift for both men and women.

Our Favourite Black Diamonds

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