What to Consider When Choosing a Sapphire Engagement Ring

What to Consider When Choosing a Sapphire Engagement Ring

Want to add a touch of sophistication to your engagement ring proposal? A sapphire engagement ring is an excellent choice, particularly if you want a ring that’s both unique and durable.

One of the questions you may have when shopping for the perfect ring for your proposal is ‘Are sapphire engagement rings popular?’ Sapphire engagement rings have been worn by members of the royal family and celebrities over the years.

The most famous piece of sapphire jewellery in history was the late Princess Diana’s 12ct oval cut sapphire engagement ring when she got engaged to King Charles in 1981. Diana’s sapphire ring is now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge after Prince William popped the question to her in December 2010. Jewellers have taken great inspiration from this iconic sapphire engagement ring  creating stunning sapphire halo engagement rings such as the 2.50ct Blue Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Ring 

Tying the knot soon? This article has put together some things you need to consider when choosing a sapphire engagement ring.

Is Sapphire Good for an Engagement Ring?

Sapphires are a great choice for an engagement ring as they are not only beautiful and come in almost every colour, but their durability makes them a great choice if you want something different to a diamond engagement ring.

If your partner has an active, hands-on job, a sapphire engagement ring could be great alternative to a diamond engagement ring. The gemstone is rated 9/10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning Sapphires are almost as hard wearing as diamonds for durability. While a sapphire ring can withstand everyday wear and tear, it’s important that you take care of it by and taking it off when playing sports, swimming or going to the gym for instance. This will help keep your stunning sapphire engagement ring shining as bright as the day you saw it when your partner got down on one knee.

How Big Should a Sapphire be for an Engagement Ring?

Figuring out the right size of a sapphire for your engagement ring is ultimately down to personal preference. 

However, there are some things that you need to consider when finding the right sapphire size for your partner. Sapphires, like diamonds, are measured in carats. There is a distinct difference between the two gems in that sapphires are slightly heavier than diamonds.

Before you buy a sapphire engagement ring, it always helps to research first and see which size and quality you can get for your price range. It helps when you have the option to customise the carat weight. Whether you want an Emerald Blue Sapphire Gemstone Halo Ring as a stunning vintage design with a modern twist or a Blue Sapphire Oval & Trillian Diamond Trilogy Ring that is completely unique to you. Change the carat weight till you find you have that perfect sapphire centre in the engagement ring your partner will treasure forever.

Finger Size

One of the first things you should do when measuring the sapphire size for your engagement ring is think about your partner’s finger size. You will want to consider making the sapphire a proportional size that waits proudly on the finger, For instance if they have small hands you will want to make sure it is still the right size to wear comfortably for everyday wear. Having a rough idea of your partner’s finger size is crucial to finding a perfectly proportioned sapphire for your ring.

Shape of Centre Stone

If your partner has a good idea of what shape they prefer for their centre stone, it can play a key factor in the sapphire’s carat size. Some shapes, such as a marquise, oval and pear cut can make the sapphire look bigger than they already are compared to other cuts. Understanding this factor is crucial to getting the right centre stone for your sapphire ring.

Ring Design

The final thing to consider along with the finger size and centre stone shape is the ring design. If you decide to go with a halo ring design for your sapphire ring, the tiny diamonds can make the centre stone appear bigger circumference on your partner’s ring finger. 

Should my Sapphire Engagement Ring be Certified?

Yes. When you buy your sapphire engagement ring, you should make sure that they are certified from an organisation, such as the International Diamond & Gem Laboratory (IDGL) or Gemological Institute of Europe (GIE). Having a certified sapphire stone with your engagement ring is essential to ensuring you have a genuine sapphire ring to propose with.

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