Everything You Need to Know About Oval Engagement Rings

Everything You Need to Know About Oval Engagement Rings

Preparing to pop the question soon? No engagement proposal is complete without a stunning engagement ring to symbolise your relationship.

Picking the right engagement ring for your partner can be a minefield - and most people preparing to propose have dozens of questions. From how much an oval engagement ring costs to what style of jewellery best reflects your partner’s personality, style and ring size, it can feel tough to find the ring that’s perfect to match your proposal.l.

Oval engagement rings have been growing in popularity over the years, with famous faces across the world of entertainment and royalty sporting an oval-shaped ring. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about oval engagement rings.

What is an Oval Cut Diamond?

Oval cut diamonds are an elongated version of a round cut diamond and have been a popular diamond shape for decades. The latest oval diamond shape was created in the middle of the 21st century by Lazare Kaplan International.

What makes an oval diamond popular amongst many people is that it suits a wide variety of hand sizes and shapes. Whether your partner has a small or large hand, this diamond shape is able to make their finger look longer and thinner than it already is. A normal oval cut diamond usually features 56 facets, but they can feature more depending on how the stone is cut.

Are Oval Engagement Rings Popular? 

Oval engagement rings have been steadily increasing in popularity over the years, despite being around for centuries. 

Jennifer Aniston, Ariana Grande, Hailey Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian are just a few celebrities who have been spotted wearing oval engagement rings. The late Princess Diana started the popularity of this ring shape when she was presented with a stunning oval sapphire engagement ring by Prince Charles (now King Charles III).

Diana’s ring is now owned and worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, who got engaged to Princess William in 2010.

What Does an Oval Engagement Ring Say About You? 

The shape of an engagement ring can say a lot about the wearer’s personality. Oval engagement rings are associated with tradition and romance, symbolising everlasting love and commitment between two people.

If you're considering an oval engagement ring, it's important to think about what it says about your partner's personality. If they love classic and timeless jewellery, an oval ring might be the perfect choice for them. 

Alternatively, if they're someone who likes to stand out from the crowd, an oval engagement ring with a unique setting might be more their style than other traditional shapes.

Figuring Out the Best Setting For An Oval Cut Ring 

Getting the setting of the engagement ring can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of the ring. For an oval cut diamond, there are a couple of settings that work very well.

4-Prong, 6-Prong and Bezel are ring settings that fit in nicely with an oval ring. The prong setting is one of the most common and classic settings for this ring type as it leaves most of the diamond visible while enabling more light to enter the diamond. 

It’s entirely up to you when it comes to choosing a 4 or 6-Prong setting for your oval engagement ring, although we recommend getting the prongs inspected by a professional twice a year. Getting your ring inspected reduces the risk of the prongs wearing down, as well as breaking or bending.

The bezel is another popular setting for an oval engagement ring. You have the option to choose a full or half bezel for your ring, depending on your partner’s lifestyle. With a full bezel, it surrounds the entire diamond, while a half bezel leaves the sides exposed. 

How Much Does an Oval Engagement Ring Cost?

The cost of an oval engagement ring can be affected by various factors, including the quality of the diamond, the setting and the metal used for the band.

Our oval engagement rings at Diamond Heaven start from just £902, or if you’re looking to blow the budget, our Oval & Round Diamond Vintage Ring costs over £3,000. If you find yourself not being able to afford a more expensive oval ring, then you may want to consider getting a lab-grown oval version, which is not only cheaper than a natural diamond, but does not compromise on quality.

Pop the Question With an Oval Engagement Ring from Diamond Heaven

An oval engagement ring is a beautiful and timeless choice for anyone looking to pop the question. Whether you're looking for a classic solitaire setting or something a little more unique, there's an oval engagement ring out there for everyone.

Popping the question soon? Book an appointment at a Diamond Heaven showroom near you today and surprise them with an exquisite oval ring.

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