Why Propose with a Lab Grown Emerald Cut Engagement Ring?

Why Propose with a Lab Grown Emerald Cut Engagement Ring?

Going all out this Christmas and thinking of popping the question to your partner? Do they like jewellery that’s both classic and timeless? 

Why not consider getting down on one knee with an elegant emerald cut engagement ring? You will see more and more people are choosing to go for a lab grown diamond and Lab grown emerald cut diamond engagement rings are a stunning choice if you are thinking whether to go for a natural or lab grown diamond  if you are thinking whether to go for a natural or lab grown diamond. You’ll still get the same sparkle and brilliance, but with a lab-created emerald diamond, it’ll be created more ethically leaving the earth untouched.

Our article explores the reasons why you should propose with a lab grown emerald engagement ring.

Are Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Popular?

Yes, emerald cut engagement rings are a popular choice for many reasons, the first one mentioned is usually due to their long rectangular shape. This shape creates an impressive looking carat weight on the finger compared with other diamond options that are not as elongated. The emerald cut sits proudly on the finger and makes the finger look longer and slimmer. It is always a breathtaking sight when you see this stunning cut on the hand. 

Many famous celebrities have been seen wearing emerald cut engagement rings. Most notably, Jay-Z popped the question to Beyonce in 2007 with an incredible 18-carat emerald cut engagement ring, featuring a split shank setting and a pave band.

Sofia Richie and Jennifer Lawrence are just a few other famous faces who have got engaged with an emerald cut engagement ring over the years.

Why Choose an Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring?

An emerald cut engagement ring makes a statement of a bold unique choice to the conventional Round Brilliant Cut, The Emerald cut shape of the stone symbolises luxury, elegance, and class.

Some of the benefits of choosing an emerald cut engagement ring include:

  • The emerald cut is rarer and shows a more unique choice that is personal to your partner.
  • An emerald cut diamond engagement ring gives an impressive carat weight appearance. 
  • Emerald Cuts are known to be vintage styles but are always being re-invented in modern style settings so you get that timeless elegant look that is always popular.

Available in Various Designs and Settings

The versatility of emerald cut diamonds make them well-suited for various engagement ring designs and settings so you can create your own unique engagement ring in a vintage style yellow gold setting or go for a minimalist style plain dainty band that makes that impressive centre diamond stand out from a distance.

Whether you want an emerald cut diamond in a solitaire, shoulder set, trilogy or halo-style ring, we’ll make sure you have plenty of options to choose from for the perfect Christmas proposal. If you can’t find the design you are looking for? Why not create your own version of a timeless emerald cut engagement ring with our ring builder? Firstly, you select the lab grown option and the emerald cut diamond option, then browse all the designs to find your favourite that you can then click and edit. You can change the carat weight, metal type, and diamond specifications all the way up to a 10ct diamond. Design away and watch the price change on the website for each option so that you can keep the price range in mind as you bring your vision of the perfect dream ring to life.

Once you have your stunning creation ready you can then choose the certification of your lab grown emerald cut diamond. The certification gives you the reassurance of what you are buying and is a wonderful keep-sake for your partner to look over knowing you took time to personally choose every little detail of their forever ring that they will treasure forever. 

Ethical and Eco-Friendly

A lab-created diamond is created in a laboratory which simulates the conditions that natural diamonds form deep underground. Buying a lab grown emerald cut engagement ring can give your partner peace of mind if they are into their sustainability and want to choose and option that leaves the earth untouched with a more ethical process, it is a magical moment to tell your partner about all the thought you have put into designing and researching the background of how you choose that emerald cut, lab grown engagement ring for them.

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