Top Tips for Buying a Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring

 Top Tips for Buying a Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring

Pear-shaped diamonds have grown in popularity recently, Symbolising elegance, independence and empowerment, this unique shape is identifiable by its teardrop design. But how do you choose the right pear-shaped diamond engagement ring for you?

In this guide, we’ve identified our top tips for buying a pear diamond engagement ring to help you find a unique, elegant piece your partner will cherish forever. 

Watch Out for the Bowtie Effect

The bowtie effect can occur within a number of diamonds that are an elongated shape, including some pear-shaped diamonds. This is due to the diamond’s cut and proportions to reflect the light within the diamond and back up to your eye. If the diamond has improper light reflection due to the cut you will see that the light does not reach the centre of the diamond in particular, resulting in what is known as a bowtie-shaped shadow across the centre of the diamond.

The bowtie can vary in visibility and shape, depending on how large or dark it is. However, you should always ask about the bowtie when looking at a pear cut diamond and ask your diamond consultant about the cut of the diamond, As a pear-cut stone with a large bowtie reduces the sparkle and beauty of the diamond and many customers can miss this when first looking at one in a jeweller.

At Diamond Heaven, we hand-select our diamonds to ensure they’re of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on taking the extra time to view them in person and sourcing pear-cut diamonds that have a minimal bowtie effect. However, we recommend reading the diamond grading report on your pear diamond before settling on that engagement ring, no matter where you shop. 

Prioritise Symmetry

Whether you’re searching for a lab-created or natural pear-shaped diamond, the symmetry grade on your diamond is essential.

To find out if a pear-shaped stone is symmetrical, draw an imaginary line down the length of the diamond and look at the two halves. If you find the stone is asymmetrical, you should avoid buying it. 

When buying a pear-shaped diamond ring, speak to your jewellers and ask to see the certificate as this will tell you how well cut the diamond is. Aim to find a stone with a very good or excellent cut as these are the higher, more sought after grades that will reflect light better in the diamond and give you a more pleasing ratio for the dimensions of the diamond. After all, the cut of a diamond determines how sparkly your ring will be! So, don’t overlook the importance of symmetry. 

Review the Length-to-Width Ratio

Choosing the length-to-width ratio on a pear-shaped diamond is entirely down to personal preference. However, the length that you choose for your stone can play a major part in how it looks.

Ideally, you want a stone with a length-to-width ratio between 1.5 to 1.75. You should make sure that you look at the diamond’s dimensions to have a good idea of how big the gem will be on your partner’s finger.

Choose the Right Setting to Protect the Diamond’s Point

Having the right setting is crucial with a pear-cut diamond. Due to the elongated shape of the stone, the tip of the diamond is prone to getting knocked or caught on items, such as clothing, which can damage the diamond. Make sure you have a good feel over the edges of the claws to make sure they do not feel too sharp. If you notice the design you prefer has a pointed arrowhead claw on the top of the pear, this is a very secure prong to hold the pear cut diamond in its setting, which is a great thing. However, make sure you have a feel of this claw to make sure it is not too pronounced and sticking upwards which can catch on things, such as clothes.

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