The Perfect Manicure for Your Engagement Ring

The Perfect Manicure for Your Engagement Ring

Getting a fresh manicure on your nails as soon as you’ve said 'Yes!' is the perfect way to complement that glittering stone resting on your finger.

Whether you're trying to show off a breathtaking 18 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring, or you want to rock that vintage five stone diamond wedding band you had found by chance, you need a manicure that will not only make your hands look elegant, but will bring the best out of your diamond jewellery. There's no singular rule that dictates how your nails should look when it comes to glorifying those gemstones, but at Diamond Heaven we always believe that less is more! We've scoured Pinterest to find our favourite nail shapes and nail colours to suit everything from diamond to emerald.

Subtle White Rounded Nails

If you've got a bold statement dress multi-diamond ring, then you need to be careful not to over do it when it comes to styling it. This glossy muted beige manicure with rounded shape is the perfect way to accent those gorgeous stones and enhance the multi-band aesthetic. The perfect look for an engagement party, or for the bride on her wedding day! 

Long Rounded Pastel Nails

This stunning brilliant round cut diamond ring on a shoulder set band will certainly turn heads, and the long rounded pastel pink nails enhance the sparkle in that gorgeous gem. When you have a big gemstone that demands attention, you may be at risk of making your fingers look short and stubby. Long nails with a rounded or coffin tip will elongate your fingers, making a bold diamond ring look like it belongs there.

Metallic and Pastel Short Rounded Nails

Just because subtle is the best way to go when it comes to displaying your beautiful diamond ring, it doesn't mean you can't have fun. This metallic foil manicure with a statement nail really enhances the stunning, crisp cut look of the marquise diamond and sharp V band. The combination of this beautiful gemstone ring and foil manicure really go against tradition, adding a splash of personality!

A Clean French Manicure 

While this image is from Queen Kimmy K, it really shows the true meaning of less is more (for your nails of course) when it comes to letting that baby shine! It's no secret that Kim Kardashian has never really committed to a classic and tasteful aesthetic, but her fresh and polished French Manicure really add to the giant baguette cut Diamond ring resting on her vena amoris.

Short Monochrome Tips 

We've got another celebrity inspired manicure, with Jessica Biel's beautiful pastel nail with monochrome tips. Although her nails are at a short length, the monochrome tips add depth, and enhance the clarity in the six carat diamond resting between two stunning aquamarine diamonds. If you've got a multi-stone ring, you won't bielieve how easy it is for two toned nails to bring out the colour in those stones.

Short Block Colour Nails 

If you're into smaller rings that feature diamonds as an enhancement rather than a centerpiece, then block colour nails are the way to go. Luminous stones that play with light such as Moonstone and Labradorite are becoming more popular when it comes to dress rings. We're in love with this stunning short square lilac manicure that really brings out the purples and blues of the centre gem, whilst bringing out the sparkling diamond features.  

Long Coffin Nails With Glitter Tips 

Whilst everyone loves Diamonds, some may prefer a rich coloured gemstone such as an enviable green Emerald, romantic ruby red or royal blue Sapphire! When it comes to bold gemstone rings we'd suggest muted and pastel colours on your nails, so that you can really draw attention to the beautiful colour gem resting on your finger. These coffin nails juxtapose the oval cut Emerald, and the plain pearlescent white intensifies the deep green colour of the gemstone.

Have you got the any tips and tricks for the perfect manicure to show off your diamond or gemstone ring? If so, comment and tell us all about it! Don't forget to check out our selection of diamond rings here.