Vintage Diamond Rings vs. Modern Diamond Rings

Vintage Engagement Rings vs Modern Diamond Rings

Both beautiful and timeless but what the biggest differences between vintage diamond rings and modern diamond rings?

Just as Vintage fashion and furniture has become increasingly popular over recent years, Vintage diamond engagement rings are attracting interest due to their unique characteristics and craftsmanship. Our blog highlights the pros and cons of choosing a vintage diamond ring over a modern diamond ring.

Vintage Diamond Rings


Vintage diamonds have an age and history behind them. From being passed down through generations within families, to a unique find at a jewellery store, what is most beautiful about a vintage ring is the story behind its timeless aesthetic.

Vintage Design and Character

Part of a vintage diamond rings appeal is they capture a period of time through their design and detailing. Like trends nowadays, the term ‘Vintage diamond rings' can cover a wide selection of designs from different time periods as trends developed and influenced jewellers. After all, it wasn't until 1866 when the classic Tiffany six-prong diamond solitaire ring was introduced to the market! So, how have designs change throughout the years?

Different Centre Stones

Believe it or not, Diamonds were not always the go-to choice for engagement ring centre stones. Instead, it was quite common for softer stones to be used.  Victorian Antique engagement rings often incorporated pearls, where as Edwardian engagement rings saw Sapphires commonly used alongside rose cut diamonds. Art Deco engagement rings boasted contrasting gemstones before merging into the iconic diamond packed Art Deco engagement rings, which are proving most popular for those looking for vintage engagement rings now.

Old Cut Diamonds

If you have ever compared a Vintage engagement ring and a modern diamond ring, you may have noticed a difference in the way the diamond may look. This will be down to the cutting characteristics of the time. The late 1800s saw significant advances in the world of diamond cutting. Whereas rose cut diamonds were an amalgamation of diamond slithers crafted together, old cut diamonds were cut using specialised tools which allowed diamonds to be cut more precisely.

Old cut diamonds are recognisable for their round outline and deeply cut facets, making them appear thicker than modern round brilliant cut diamonds. However, this also affects the way in which light reflects from old cut diamonds. In comparison, modern round brilliant cuts are cut specifically to create the maximum white sparkle effect, old cut diamonds sparkle in a much warmer and deeper tone. This creates a sort of "glow" rather than a dazzling sparkle.  

Old Time Craftsmanship

The level of craftsmanship and detail put into vintage engagement rings is unparalleled still to this day. The amount of time and money required to commision a jeweller to create a ring of the same level of intricate detailing and design would quickly become an expensive venture compared to the price of sourcing an authentic ring of the era. Whilst many may try to imitate vintage rings, be careful as they may look similar to those created within the era you are looking for, the level of craftsmanship however may not be the same.

One Of a Kind

The biggest benefit of taking the time to find an authentic vintage engagement ring is that you can guarantee the ring is truly one of a kind with its own history, design characteristics and appeal. Show the love of your life just how unique and special your relationship is with an engagement ring just as one-of-a-kind as them.

Modern Engagement Rings

With so many positive aspects, it's understandable why vintage engagement rings have the level of appeal they do. However, let's not forget about the numerous benefits of selecting a modern engagement ring for your proposal.

Diamond Certification

Unlike vintage engagement rings, modern diamond rings are more likely to be certified, giving   you peace of mind in knowing the diamond is authentic with its own unique classification of carat weight, cut, clarity and colour. The standards for diamond selection are much higher nowadays, meaning diamond certifying bodies such as GIA Scale (Gemology Institute of America) ensure only top quality diamonds are certification worthy.

Diamond Traceability

Along with the above certificate, many certified diamonds can also be traced to the mining location in which they were sourced. Although not as in depth a history as a vintage engagement ring, you can still see the history of your own ring with a good level of detail, which also makes your diamond ring unique.

Modern Design

Purely down to personal taste, you may just prefer modern engagement ring designs over vintage ring designs. Halo or trilogy rings are favourite modern engagement ring trends at the moment, where as an Art Deco style rings don't have the same level of popularity. Certain trends simply fall out of fashion, whereas others stand the test of time. However, a firm favourite which has remained since its introduction is the single stone solitaire ring. If you are looking for a ring which is timeless in both its design and craftsmanship, you can never go wrong with a platinum single stone solitaire engagement ring.


If you are ever in need of  repairing your engagement ring, owning a modern ring allows you to get the ring repaired with the majority of qualified jewellers. However, when owning a vintage ring, your repair options may be limited due to the craftsmanship and materials involved.

Without a doubt, there are benefits of owning both a vintage diamond ring and a modern diamond ring. From history and design to sparkle factor and traceability, there are numerous differences between the two which should all be taken into consideration when you are looking to purchase. However, the biggest factor to consider is which you feel your partner will love the most. If you need help finding your perfect modern engagement ring, contact us today and we will guide you through the process. Alternatively, book an appointment and our experts will show you the best options for you and your partner.