The GIA have added country of origin reports for Coloured Diamonds

GIA Adds Country of Origins For Coloured Diamonds

On June 4th 2019, online publication Jewellery Focus reported that the GIA added Country of Origins Reports for natural coloured diamonds.

On June 4th 2019, online publication Jewellery Focus reported that the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has added Country of Origins Reports for natural coloured diamonds (such as black diamonds and yellow diamonds) to its GIA Diamond Origin Report Service. The GIA said that this new service will scientifically match faceted D-to-Z diamonds and natural coloured diamonds to their original rough form, thus giving them the ability to confirm the diamond's country of origin. 

The GIA's Scientific Matching Process 

The GIA's Scientific Matching Process of a rough diamond looks at the physical measurements of the gem, as well as other scientific data from the stones. Once this information has been collated, each rough diamond is given a unique identification number.  

When a polished diamond with a rough identification number is up for being graded by the 4C's, the same data is collected by the laboratory staff. Should the data of the polished diamond match the data of the rough diamond, the GIA will be able to confirm the country of origin provided by the mining company, as well as including said information on the Diamond Origin Report.

Why have the GIA added this in? 

Senior Vice President for Global Business Development and Beneficiation, Anna Martin said: "There is recognition across the diamond value chain of the potential for building consumer trust with scientifically confirmed diamond origin.

Consumers clearly want to know more about their gems - where they come from, how they are produced, and how their purchases contribute to the wellbeing and sustainability of gem producing communities."

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