How to clean your diamond jewellery at home

How to Clean Your Diamond Jewellery

Renowned as the most popular gemstone for creating fine jewellery, diamonds create a captivating sparkle unrivalled by other precious stones. Yet despite being the hardest natural substance on Earth, diamond jewellery can be damaged simply through direct contact with human hands. For example, the oil from our fingers can cause the coveted sparkle of a diamond engagement ring to become dulled over time, as dirt collects.

Whether you have a pair of diamond earrings or a diamond wedding ring and eternity ring that symbolise your commitment to your loved one, it’s a natural instinct to want to protect your jewellery, so it maintains its shine and is still sparkling from every angle. That’s why we’ve listed our top tips for how to clean your diamond jewellery without damaging it.

1.Only use gentle cleaning solutions

Before you begin cleaning your jewellery, ensure that the location you’re in is suitable for the purpose of working with delicate jewellery. A well-lit room is essential, as is rinsing the piece of jewellery before you begin cleaning, as this will remove any loose dirt. 

When determining the best way to clean diamond jewellery, one of the most important things to consider is which cleaning products are gentle enough to clean your diamond while avoiding causing any damage. 

2.Cleaning products you should not use on Diamonds

In the same way that human touch can cause destructive oils to collect on a diamond’s surface, so can chemicals found in products like make-up and perfume. So, it stands to reason that only gentle cleaning solutions should be used when cleaning diamonds. Avoid using bleach, acetone and products with moisturising ingredients to clean your jewellery, as harsh chemicals can damage your diamond jewellery and cleaning products with moisturising properties can leave a film on your diamond’s surface.

3.The best cleaning products to use to clean Diamond jewellery

If your diamond jewellery has accumulated a significant amount of dirt that has led to a very noticeable difference in its appearance, then using a small amount of washing up liquid to clean the diamond can help it to regain its sparkle. Just make sure that the cosmetics product you choose does not contain any moisturising ingredients.

The most effective way to clean diamond jewellery, much like a pair of pearl earrings, is a timeless classic. It is recommended that you use the tried-and-tested method of soap and warm water to gently clean your diamonds. Simply soak your jewellery in a solution of water and dishwashing soap for about 30 minutes. To ensure that you’re using an effective cleaning solution, a few drops of mild dish soap is recommended. As this is a gentle cleaning solution for diamond jewellery, it can also be repeated if needed, in order to ensure the diamond regains its sparkle. 

4.Use a toothbrush while cleaning your Diamond

Okay, this tip for cleaning your jewellery may seem a little strange. However, a soft, clean toothbrush is a very effective tool for cleaning diamond jewellery. The toothbrush should only be used for this specific purpose and a soft brush rather than stiff bristles will minimise any risk of damaging the gemstone. Toothbrushes are particularly useful for removing dirt from less accessible parts of the diamond, such as the back of the diamond, as the back of the diamond’s surface usually acquires the most dirt and oil.

5.The gentle approach is important

Whilst it is generally safe to use toothbrushes to clean diamond jewellery, it is still important to ensure you only apply a gentle touch when doing so. This is particularly true when cleaning antique diamond rings, as the prongs in which the diamond is set are likely to be more fragile, as the ring itself is older. 

If you like the design of antique diamond jewellery but would prefer a more modern piece of jewellery, vintage diamond rings are ideal, as they are inspired by antique jewellery designs but provide new jewellery that can incorporate your choice of metal and diamond cut. Please note that the intricate design of vintage jewellery means it still requires a gentle approach when cleaning your diamond ring. 

Once you’ve finished gently brushing your diamond with a soft toothbrush, the best way to complete the diamond cleaning process is by rinsing it under warm water and changing angles as you rinse it, in order to ensure any soap residue is completely removed from every facet of the diamond. After completing the jewellery cleaning, drying your diamond jewellery on a soft cloth, ideally one that doesn’t contain lint, will have the added benefit of polishing your fine jewellery, so the diamond regains optimum sparkle and shine.

It’s advisable to regularly clean your diamond jewellery, as weekly cleaning will help to prevent dirt and oil accumulating on the diamond’s surface. Of course we also offer a cleaning and polishing service, to arrange this just contact one of our stores and they will be happy to advise. To find the perfect piece of fine jewellery for your special occasion or to arrange a professional cleaning for your jewellery, carried out by one of our experts as part of our jewellery care service, please contact us.