Ways to celebrate pride this year

Ways To Celebrate Pride 2019

Celebrate & honour diversity this year to show support to our LGBT friends & family.

Pride month is an annual commemoration held during the month of June, with the aim of  remembering the June 1969 Stonewall Riots that launched LGBT rights movements in America. Whether you identify as gay, straight or bisexual, Pride is definitely the most wonderful time of year to celebrate diversity and show support to our LGBT family and friends. After all, person on the planet is worthy of love. At Diamond Heaven, we adore celebrating love.  So, get your rainbow flag art to the ready, open your heart and get ready, as we explore ways that we can all celebrate Pride this year.

Ways to become part of pride this year:

Have a conversation

One of the most simple yet meaningful ways to become part of Pride and drive that all important narrative of acceptance is to have conversations with others. Whether you are sharing your own experiences of coming out, or listening to others stories, these real life experiences need to be shared and heard. Try talking with friends and family, the younger and older members of the LGBT community and those who we don't get heard enough - give everyone that platform so that they can be heard. Chatting with others is a great way to show your support, raise awareness and can even spark larger discussions and actions as a result.

Donate to organisations working to make a difference

You can make a huge difference by researching and donating to impactful organisations that support gay rights. There are some truly amazing organisations that are fighting for LGBT equality - and they need our help! National organisations such as the LGBT Foundation, along with local underfunded centres are safe havens for youths with queer identities and those who need support. By donating to these organisations or even volunteering your time, you can get involved in making a huge difference for the LGBT community.

Support lGBT friendly businesses

Start supporting businesses that are LGBT inclusive. Be a conscious shopper. Start on a national scale, every year the HRC Foundation releases a ‘corporate equality index' - highlighting which of the biggest companies around the globe are LGBT friendly and great to work for. For your local shops, go into the store and make sure their policies are supportive of the LGBT community. Smaller, thoughtful actions pave the way to bigger changes.

Be Critical Of Your Workplaces LGBT Policies

Speak up - if there is a small or big change that will make your workplace more equal and inclusive, help identify and enforce new policies. Don't be afraid to speak out if you see something that alienates someone because of their sexuality either.

Attend a LGBT pride parade

LGBT Pride Parades are a great celebration to appreciate diversity, community and colourful clothing. Make sure you don't miss one of the most exciting pride parades this year! Full of music, dancing, and campaigning for LGBT rights - the colourful festivals are a great way to show your support.

Here are a couple of our favourites Pride Festivals not to be missed:


(8th June - 6th July)

London is one of the UK's biggest and most diverse Pride celebrations. A month is dedicated to events all in aid to appreciating the LGBT community, such as a 10k Pride runPride's Got TalentCreative Pop-Up ShopsPride Prom and more! All leading to the big parade on the 6th of July.

Whatever Pride means to you, London's Parade  campaigns for diversity, activism, demonstration and celebration. Over one million people join in with the marching, dancing and laughing, all while pushing for equality.


(17-18th August)

Pride Glasgow is Scotland's largest Pride event - showing solidarity and supporting LGBT movement. Thousands come to celebrate LBGT equality through a colourful festival including music, dancing and protesting the injustices still prevalent around the world.


(23rd-25th August)

Pride Cymru is held in Cardiff, offering a unique 3 day celebration across the August bank holiday. You can expect, live music on the 4 stages, a mile-long parade, street food, funfair rides, and even a gin bar. For the ultimate family fun day out celebrating the importance of the LGBT community.


(23rd-26th August)

Manchester Pride this year will be a festival to be proud of! The celebrations will be made up of Manchester Pride Live, the Candlelit Vigil, the Superbia Weekend, the Gay Village Gathering, Manchester Pride Parade and Youth Pride MCR. For a weekend of fun and LGBT activism - Manchester Pride creates an opportunity that engages LGBT people so that everyone can thrive equally. With a world-class line up of pop and dance artists make sure you buy your tickets online!