What is Decembers Birthstone?

What is Decembers Birthstone?

You may be wondering what is December’s birthstone? This piece explores a gemstone that’s more rarer than a diamond, which is the stunning tanzanite.


At this time of year, you may be asking yourself ‘What is the birthstone for December?’ December is a unique month for birthstones as there are three stones that have different shades of blue between them. Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise are the three gems that make up December’s birthstones.


Tanzanite is a recent addition to the official birthstone list, joining Zircon and Turquoise as December’s birthstone back in 2002. It’s one of the most popular blue gemstones on the planet, putting it on par with sapphire. Beyonce and Anne Hathaway are just a couple well-known celebrities who have sported tanzanite jewellery. 


This piece explores the latest gemstone to be included into the birthstone list for December, tanzanite.




As one of the three blue birthstones for December, Tanzanite is renowned for its stunning dark blue colour. Compared to other birthstones, Tanzanite has a relatively modern history. The most common story of this gemstone is Maasai herders finding blue crystals in the Merelani Hills in Northern Tanzania in 1967.


When the herders found these blue crystals, they notified a prospector, named Manuel d’Souza. d’Souza registered claims to the Tanzanian government to begin mining what he thought were sapphire gemstones. It turned out that those crystals he mined were blue zoisite, a mineral stone that had existed since the early 19th century.


American retailer Tiffany & Co. recognised the potential of the gem and agreed to become the main blue zoisite distributor. Tiffany renamed the stone to “tanzanite”, when they put together a promotional campaign in 1968. It was estimated that two million carats of tanzanite were mined before the mines were nationalised in 1971 by the Tanzanian government.


While tanzanite does not have a long history when comparing it with other birthstones, it’s a rare and highly-prized gemstone.




Tanzanite is known for its deep blue colour, which puts it right up there with the beautiful blue sapphire. This gem is one of the only trichroic gemstones known to man as it is able to display three colours within the same stone. The three colours that are found in a tanzanite stone are blue, purple and red.


A good quality tanzanite can vary in colour, from a deep royal blue to violet purple. The colour of the tanzanite is dependent on how the gem is cut and polished. If the gemstone has a deep colour, the more valuable the stone is, making it both highly valuable and prized.


It’s worth noting that the tanzanite stone is either blue or purple dominant, which should be taken into account before buying any piece of tanzanite jewellery.




There’s one location in the world where tanzanite is found and that’s near Mount Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania. This makes tanzanite a rarer gemstone than diamonds, due to this stone only being found in one location. All the mines in that location are situated in an area of about eight square miles in the Merelani Hills.




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Tanzanite is one of the rarest and most gorgeous birthstones for December, making it perfect for any type of jewellery, from earrings to pendants. If you are looking to pop the question to your partner or buy a beautiful gift for your friend’s birthday, it’s worth giving them a piece of tanzanite jewellery.


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