What do the colours of Pearls mean?

What Do The Colours Of Pearls Mean?

From pure, classic white to mysterious black, discover the special meaning behind different colour pearls here.

Due to the variety of mesmerising colours available, pearls are a timeless jewellery staple for any occasion. From a classic pair of pearl earrings to a sophisticated pearl pendant, this versatile gemstone adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. But what do the individual pearl colours symbolise? Does your choice of pearl jewellery say anything about you? 

The short answer is yes. Each colour pearl carries a different meaning and whilst some associations may overlap across a couple of colours, there's still a unique symbolism to each one, including the mood or emotion represented by the colour. 


Symbolising purity, white pearls represent truth, faithfulness and sincerity. A sign of peace and also associated with fertility, it's probably no surprise that a classic white pearl is a popular choice for many pieces of jewellery. It's also a timeless option for a unique but sophisticated wedding ring that will never go out of fashion.


Associated with wealth and prosperity, gold pearls are a symbol of success. They also represent compassion, love and wisdom, meaning they would make the perfect gift for a loved one you've been with for a long time or a close friend who needs or offered support during a difficult time.


Representing calmness, soothing and a sense of security, silver pearls are connected to dependability and patience. The ideal gift to show someone their reliability and insight doesn't go unnoticed.


A symbol of romance, loyalty and happiness, pink pearls demonstrate a comfortable yet passionate relationship with the individual they're presented to. Also associated with health, protection and faith, they would make a thoughtful present for anyone who feels concerned about their wellbeing and seeks a reminder of the unwavering support around them. 


Associated with courage, confidence and intuition, blue pearls symbolise trust and dependability. They therefore make the perfect present for someone whose relationship has survived tough times but come out stronger for it. 


Representing creativity and an artistic flair, purple pearls are a meaningful gift for anyone with a musical talent or a passion for the performing arts. As a colour that has also long been seen as synonymous with royalty, purple is seen to symbolise wealth, nobility and pride in addition to offering an air of mystery. 


A symbol of success, power and passion, red pearls are a bold but stunning choice that are more than capable of making a strong statement. Connected to leadership, assertiveness and determination, red is seen to represent respect and admiration for the true extrovert in your life.


Demonstrating happiness and optimism, whilst also specifically standing for friendship, yellow pearls are ideal for a gift to show your friend who always cheers you up just how much they mean to you. Associated with clarity, perception and blessings, as well as intellect and health, a friend who helps you in your hour of need and makes you realise there's a lot to be thankful for would find yellow pearls to be a very meaningful gesture. 


Symbolising money, generosity and hope, green pearls represent balance, peace and justice. They would be an excellent gift for someone who restored harmony to your life. Illustrating a sense of renewal and personal growth, anyone who has given you a second chance to prove yourself would love a gift with green pearls. They are also said to bring good luck, which offers the perfect opportunity to repay the favour and help someone else improve their life.


With social and emotional connections, orange pearls demonstrate a successful relationship in addition to strength and authority. Ideal for a loved one who provides courage and support when you need it most.


Referred to as chocolate pearls, brown pearls symbolise masculinity and protection, in addition to stability, reliability and security. Perfect for a dependable and practical person who appreciates unique and thoughtful gifts. 


Symbolising independence and strength, black pearls are the most appropriate choice for a head-strong yet mysterious and alluring individual. Representing a sense of fascination, but also riches and balance, they demonstrate that someone close to you is sensible without compromising on captivation.

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