New Year’s Eve 2019 Proposal Ideas

New Year’s Eve 2019 Proposal Ideas

If you’re planning to propose on New Year’s Eve 2019, discover our proposal ideas for inspiration on how and where to propose this year.

New Year's Eve provides an ideal opportunity for the ultimate romantic proposal. As you plan to spend another year as a happy couple, it's a significant moment in which to express how much you'd love to spend every year together.

But how do you ask such an important question and where would be the best place to propose? We've listed a few of our favourite proposal ideas to provide you with some inspiration in time of 31 December 2019.

1.St Ives

The small Cornish town of St Ives is long-established as one of the loveliest places to spend New Year's Eve in the country, if not the world. 

If you're planning a romantic break within the UK, why not coincide your minibreak with an unforgettable proposal? 

It's traditional for thousands of visitors to explore the beach on New Year's Eve while wearing fancy dress costumes. So, if you're looking for a surprise location for your proposal that still offers a picturesque backdrop and traditional fireworks before midnight, St Ives could be the ideal setting for your proposal.

A Family-friendly Location

If you have young children, then proposing at St Ives would be one way to ensure that they still have fun on New Year's Eve. The fancy dress element combined with fireworks creates an exciting atmosphere for all ages. After all, what better way for young people to see in the New Year than being surrounded by their family and their favourite superhero or Frozen character? 

2.Cardiff's Winter Wonderland

Whether you're looking for a spontaneous proposal idea, or you and your loved one simply enjoy skating, Cardiff's Winter Wonderland could be the ideal place to propose. With ice-skating going on throughout the evening, including a midnight event, this could be a unique and memorable way to ask your partner if they'll marry you without making the proposal seem too over-rehearsed. 


The small town of Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire would provide the perfect setting for a couple that enjoys an action-packed environment. Celebrating the New Year in a slightly less traditional way, the town is known for hosting a Fireballs Ceremony. At the stroke of midnight, you'll be able to see in 2020 by watching fireballs being thrown around the street in a bright display of colour and light. 

As their own tradition, which dates back more than 100 years, it's believed to ward off evil spirits and many people line up in the streets to watch the eye-catching ceremony. 

4.The Ivory House, London

If a firework display at the Thames in London seems like too much of a busy location for such a private occasion, there are plenty of other events throughout the capital that might provide a more appealing setting for your proposal.

For those who would like to see in the New Year in a more unusual way whilst embracing historic traditions, The Medieval Banquet at St Katharine's Docks in East London provides a six-course meal with drinks and professional entertainment. With entertainment including acrobats, musicians and an after-dinner disco, there's plenty of different activities to suit your loved one's interests. Just make sure that if you're going to show some embarrassing moves on the dancefloor, you've already proposed!

5.Take them back to where you first met 

For those hoping to make a more personal gesture that'll represent a special shared significance between you and your loved one, returning to where you first met might be the ultimate way to propose.

Whilst the suitability of this idea will depend upon where it was you first met, it could be the most romantic and symbolic proposal place to choose. If the location was a pub or restaurant, then you may wish to arrange a private, candle-lit table and call the venue to ensure that your partner's favourite song is playing at the time of the planned proposal.

You may have met your partner at another person's wedding, in which case you could propose at or near to the wedding venue. Or, if the now-married couple are mutual friends of yours and your loved one, there may be a location that's meaningful to your circle of friends, which could be used to signify the start of another everlasting love story within your social group. 

Whether you're planning on proposing at the strike of midnight and entering 2020 engaged, or you wish to propose later in the year, we have an extensive selection of stunning engagement rings available. Contact us today, so an experienced member of our team can assist you, or visit our BirminghamLondonManchesterGlasgow or Cardiff stores.