How to Choose the Perfect Yellow Diamond

Yellow diamond engagement ring worn on ring finger

Yellow diamonds are one of the most popular stones among the fancy-coloured diamond family, particularly if you want a stone that stands out from a colourless diamond.

When it comes to yellow diamond jewellery, we’ve got a wide range of engagement rings, pendants, earrings and diamond rings to make you stand out from the crowd. Our experts can advise you when it comes to picking a piece that they’ll want to wear as part of their everyday outfits. 

We’ve put together this article to help you find a yellow diamond that’ll complement your ring, pendant or pair of earrings.

What is a Yellow Diamond? 

Yellow diamonds are a type of diamond that is part of the fancy-coloured diamonds family. 

The formation of a yellow diamond is very similar to a colourless diamond, which is below the Earth’s surface. During the formation process, the presence of nitrogen gives the diamonds its yellow colour. Looking at the meaning behind a yellow diamond, they not only symbolise love, happiness and optimism, but also intellect and wisdom.

Are Yellow Diamonds Valuable? 

The value of a yellow diamond is dependent on the colour it displays. This means that yellow diamonds are assessed for colour differently compared with colourless diamonds.

A diamond with a bright yellow diamond hue is more expensive compared to a diamond with a light-yellow hue. Canary diamonds are the most valuable type of yellow diamond, but also the most expensive. It’s worth noting that the darker the hue of the yellow diamond, it's more likely that the diamond will decrease in value. 

How Rare is a Yellow Diamond?

Yellow diamonds are the second-most prevalent type of diamond after white diamonds and make up 60% percent of all fancy coloured diamonds, although they are still a rare diamond to find. Only one in every 16,500 carats mined will you find a Fancy Vivid yellow diamond.

Figuring Out the Colour Combinations of Yellow Diamonds

If you are buying a piece of yellow diamond jewellery, it’s worth knowing about the different colour combinations of yellow diamonds that are available. Whenever you buy a yellow diamond, it exists under a combination of colours.

The Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) colour-grading scale is seen as the industry standard for grading coloured diamonds. When it comes to grading a diamond, the scale begins from D (colourless), up to Z (light yellow or brown). For a coloured diamond, the GIA will grade it with the exact colour description, consisting of two to three colours, as well as the intensity level.

When it comes to the most common yellow diamond colour combinations, this includes yellow brown, yellow green and yellow orange. The additional colours that come with a yellow diamond are known as secondary tones, so we recommend learning more about the colour nuances before choosing a yellow diamond.

Lose Yourself in a Piece of Yellow Diamond Jewellery from Diamond Heaven

Yellow diamonds are a rare, beautiful stone revered by many people, making it perfect for various jewellery types. We hope this article has made the process of choosing a yellow diamond easier, so you get a diamond that you’ll easily fall in love with.

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