Plan the Perfect Christmas Proposal

Plan the Perfect Christmas Proposal

It's one of the most romantic times of the year, but how can you plan the perfect Christmas proposal? Here's our advice.

So, you've decided to propose to that special someone this Christmas?

First things first, congratulations! You've found that special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with and you're ready to pop the question. We're so happy for you!

To help you make the festive season extra special, we've put together this blog with ideas and advice for pulling off the perfect Christmas proposal.

Family & Friends, Get Everyone Involved  

During Christmas, friends and family come together for this festive time of the year and you should take advantage of this. You essentially have all of their loved ones in town or under one roof. Proposing in front of your friends and family can be a great way to share this special moment with them.

Boxes: Think Outside of Them

Instead of a regular ring box, you can look at festive alternatives. Why not hide the engagement ring in a custom bauble and have it hanging from the tree? Another nice idea is having the ring on the angel or star on the Christmas tree.

Another version of this is Christmas crackers. You can get make-your-own cracker kits, which let you build and stuff your own crackers. Popping a cracker just before you pop the question, might be the way you want to propose.

Don't forget about advent calendars too. Putting your engagement ring in the last day of an advent calendar could be a great surprise for Christmas day and a better treat than chocolate!

Mistletoe: More Than a Kiss!

Perhaps this is cheesy but you could hang your engagement ring with the mistletoe. So when that special someone walks under it and looks up, they'll be getting something more than just a kiss.

Christmas Proposal Cake: A Tasty Treat  

Proposal cakes are a growing trend, with the cakes baked with a hole in the centre for the engagement ring and a ribbon tied to the engagement ring allowing the bride to pullout the special surprise. There's a great example of one on TV Show Cake Boss: a romantic proposal complete with a working snow globe proposal cake.

Things to Consider

Don't Wait for a White Christmas

A proposal during a white Christmas is something out of a fairytale and should it happen, take that opportunity. Also, don't wait for it. White Christmases are rare and you don't want to leave that special someone waiting for long.

Be Wary of Food & Drink

It's a common thing to see people put an engagement ring in a glass of champagne or incorporate food as part of their proposal. This may seem like a good idea but can lead to the awkward situation of your partner consuming the engagement ring. Then comes the embarrassing ordeal of retrieving it.

Don't work with Pets or Children as the Saying Goes

An adorable idea is to have a pet or small child bring the engagement ring, usually by attaching the ring around the pet's collar or attaching it to the child's dummy but this, as you can imagine, has a certain amount of risk. So much can go wrong, so it's best to leave it.

If you're really struggling with how to propose this Christmas, there's more advice in Diamond Heaven's Proposal guide.