The Rise in Popularity of Platinum Engagement Rings

The Rise in Popularity of Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum engagement rings are becoming the preferred metal of choice over gold and other precious metals, but why? Our blog explains more.

Platinum Engagement Rings are becoming more popular each day, being the preferred metal of choice over gold and other precious metals. The demand has never been higher with many celebrities choosing platinum.

Emily Blunt has a remarkable platinum engagement ring. The ring features a 3 carat diamond. The Edwardian styled ring oozes elegance and an old world charm. A Neil Lane ring, this alluring piece comes at a modest $100,000.

Who can forget Beyonce, who has been seen wearing a £5.8 million engagement ring. The ring has a large square cut, 18 carat diamond set in platinum. This Lorraine Schwartz designed ring is utterly gorgeous.

Well, what about platinum that makes it a popular metal?

Straight away, the stunning colour is one of the biggest selling point. Platinum is a white metal which has an eye catching colourful finish. The quality of the colour and shine is on par with white gold and it really works well with diamonds.

Diamonds act like prisms, reflecting and refracting light and colours. Hence why jewellers like mixing other metals with gold, that dilute the yellow appearance when it comes into contact with the diamonds. With Platinum, you don't have this problem. A white metal, it projects this beautiful colour and shine, which is unmatched.

A large selling point is it's durability. Unlike gold or white gold, platinum is a hard wearing metal and does not need Rhodium plating like white gold. Durable, platinum is an extremely resistant to corrosion and wear, ideal for jewellery that will be worn everyday. Perfect for an engagement or wedding ring.  

Could you imagine if Beyonce's 18 carat diamond became loose and fell off?

Platinum will get tiny scratches and can be polished out but some jewellers advise against it. For fans of vintage jewellery, these small scratches and blemishes can give the piece an aged charm and antique beauty.

Another feature of platinum is that it's a good metal for patterns and engravings. Not completely protected from wear, they will last longer to other metals, which is something you'd want for an engagement ring or wedding band.

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