Celebrities with Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Celebrities with Lab Grown Diamond Rings

In recent years, celebrities have embraced the trend of lab grown diamonds. It’s not uncommon to see your favourite actress, musician or sportsperson wearing a stunning piece of lab grown jewellery, whether that’s an engagement ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings

Lab grown diamond jewellery is an environmentally friendly and ethical alternative to their naturally mined counterparts. Which is why so many big names have been so keen to represent this industry and go for a more ethical and sustainable option in their diamond jewellery.

Wondering if your favourite celebrity has worn a ring with a lab-grown diamond? This article looks at celebrities with lab grown diamond rings.

Bindi Irwin

Bindi Irwin, the daughter of the late conservationist Steve Irwin said yes to Chandler Powell’s proposal with a 2.01 carat lab grown oval diamond engagement ring in 2019. The unique engagement ring features an infinity twist band made from recycled rose gold, covered in tiny diamonds. The centre showcases a stunning 2.01-carat, oval cut, lab grown diamond.

Check out Diamond Heaven’s  2 Carat Infinity Love Swirl Oval Diamond Engagement Ring which is Inspired by Bindi Irwin’s engagement ring. This design features a stunning lab grown, oval cut diamond, with the infinity twist style band with diamond detail. It’s a great choice if you want a ring that’s both durable and beautiful.

Rooney Mara 

American actress Rooney Mara got engaged to actor Joaquin Phoenix with a lab grown diamond engagement ring in July 2019.

Compared to other celebrity lab diamond rings, Mara’s ring features a large, hexagonal-shaped diamond in a rub over style setting. These are often referred to as portrait diamonds as you can peer through them, a very unique choice as it is different to other traditional diamond shapes in that it does not contain any facets on the top and bottom, as well as having a low-profile setting that sits more comfortably on the finger. Portrait diamonds blend both traditional diamond cutting styles with fewer facets and modern setting styles and shapes. This makes it a great choice for couples who want a minimalist look with their ring but still that little something different. 

Jennifer Hudson

Actress and singer Jennifer Hudson was seen wearing an 18-carat lab-grown diamond ring on The Voice UK. Hudson’s lab grown ring featured a mesmerising 6-carat dark red ruby as the centre stone, combining both ruby and lab-grown diamonds to create a unique ring.


Barbadian singer and businesswoman Rihanna loves diamonds. For her 30th birthday, Rihanna was seen wearing a ring that combined rubies, pink sapphires and lab-grown diamonds to create a unique-looking band. There are 16 lab-grown diamonds that are on the ring, alongside the pink sapphires and rubies, set in an 18-carat yellow and white vermeil setting. 

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