Guide to Bridal Sets

Guide to Bridal Sets

Buying an engagement ring is one of the biggest things you will ever do in your life. As popping the question is a truly special occasion, you want a ring to match. While looking for an engagement ring, it’s not surprising that thoughts also drift about finding the perfect wedding band to match. Fortunately, jewellers make this easy for you by offering bridal sets.

What is a Bridal Set?

A bridal set combines an engagement ring and matching wedding band, that is traditionally worn by the bridge. The set has two rings that match in colour in style, so they fit well when worn together side-by-side. 

If you purchase a bridal set, it means you won’t have to spend a lot of time trying to find a matching wedding band for your engagement ring.

Below, we will explore everything you need to know in this bridal sets guide.

Bridal Set Vs Wedding Set

For the general public, the term “wedding set” refers to any jewellery set that includes an engagement ring and one or more wedding rings.

As explained above, a bridal set consists only of an engagement ring and a matching wedding ring for the bride. There is no wedding band for the groom.

A wedding set features an engagement ring and matching wedding band for the bride and a matching wedding ring for the groom. If you are looking to buy three rings of the same style and colour for your upcoming nuptials, then a wedding set is a good option for you.

Bridal Set Or Engagement Ring

Buying a bridal set means you’re committed to buying an engagement ring and wedding band that looks the same. If you buy an engagement ring separately, you can pair it with a wedding ring later if you so choose. If you want to match the two rings together ahead of your wedding, the set will save you time.

Not everyone buys a wedding band and an engagement ring together. There are some people who choose to only wear an engagement ring, even after the wedding.

Why buy a Bridal Set?

It isn’t always easy to buy an engagement ring, wedding band and other marriage essentials. Combining that with your wedding planning and arranging your life together, any option that makes things simple are welcome. That is what makes the bridal set so appealing.

When comparing it to buying an engagement ring and wedding ring separately, there are various benefits to buying a new bridal set:

  1. A bridal set makes buying your wedding jewellery easy. Instead of shopping for two different rings at different times, you can save time to ensure both your partner’s rings match by buying them together.

  2. Bridal sets are an incredible package with an engagement ring and matching wedding band for the bride, creating a unique set. When you see the two rings on your partner’s finger, it’s a beautiful look.

  3. Bridal sets offer a wonderful variety of options. With unique designs, settings and metals to choose from, you can find the perfect set to match your partner’s tastes.

  4. If you’re looking for great value for money, bridal sets are a great option. If you buy two rings at the same time, you can save money by buying a bridal set when compared to buying an engagement ring and wedding band separately.

How to wear a Bridal Set?

Before a wedding, you will wear your engagement ring alone after the announcement of your engagement. Your engagement ring of the set will typically be a more intricate ring, which features a large gemstone or diamond.

Once you’re married, you wear both rings on the left hand on the fourth finger. Typically, you will wear your wedding ring closer to your palm and your heart.

Best Bridal Sets

Here are a few examples of Diamond Heaven’s stunning bridal sets:




What to avoid when buying a Bridal Set

Choosing anything for your wedding is a huge decision, none more so than your engagement ring and wedding rings that will be worn forever. While the jeweller will support you when choosing your bridal set, it’s still possible to make these common mistakes when buying wedding jewellery: 

  • Selecting shapes that don’t match. The shape of the engagement ring should match the shape of your wedding band to avoid choosing a bridal set that is an awkward fit for your partner. For the best comfort, the shape of both rings should complement each other. Avoid rings that rub against each other because the friction can damage metals and gemstones over time.

  • Having incompatible metals. Not all metals sit together to remain equally durable. A platinum ring could damage a gold ring as they sit together. Your bridal set should be made from the same metal, ensuring they are least likely to damage each other. Your jeweller will help you pick the best metals for your set, if you’re unsure.

  • Having disproportionate rings. While metals and gemstones are important elements when selecting matching rings, the size, weight and balance of both rings needs to be taken into consideration. When choosing a bridal set, you should keep things in proportion. For example, if the engagement ring features a small gemstone, choose a thin wedding band to avoid making it look smaller while it’s worn.

To avoid any mistakes when buying your true love’s engagement and wedding ring, it’s important that you talk to expert jewellers when making your choices. 

If a bridal set is perfect for you, the team at Diamond Heaven are ready and waiting to find the perfect pair of diamond rings to match you as the perfect couple. Book a free appointment today at any of our stores and we’ll find the perfect set to match your personal preferences. You can also have a jewellery consultation over video conference or by phone at 0121 200 1300.