Wedding Ring Shape Guide

Wedding Ring Shape Guide

Choosing a wedding ring is more complex than most people realise. After selecting your style, metal and size to suit your diamond wedding ring, there’s one more element to consider: the shape. Choosing the right shape is important for both bride and groom as it needs to be comfortable - you will wear it for the rest of your life!

The ring shape is also referred to as the profile, and we can distinguish each profile from others when looking at the cross section of the ring. While most people can spot a D-shaped ring, other profiles are not as obvious to spot.

In this wedding ring shape guide, you will learn about every ring profile available so you can make the right choice for your big day.


The traditional court shape is the most popular wedding ring profile available at jewellers today. The rounded inside and out shape means that it will sit nicely as it beds into your finger over time. This shape is also the most common profile couples choose when buying matching wedding ring sets.


A flat profile is everything you’d expect from its name, it is flat on all surfaces. A flat shape is a very contemporary choice as a wedding ring. If you’re looking for a really modern style, a flat shape with chunky depth and large width does just that.

Flat Court

When worn on the finger, the flat court looks a lot like a flat profile. However, the inside of a flat-sided court has a curved surface to add improved comfort for the wearer. The flat court is perfect for those who aren’t used to wearing rings and prefer a more comfortable wear with  a contemporary look.


A D-Shape is the profile most people can identify when looking at rings because it is shaped like the letter D. The profile is flat on the inside, but with a unique domed outside. It is one of the most popular choices for both men and women when selecting wedding rings. They’re a great option if you’ve both got practical jobs or active hobbies as the streamlined design will sit nicely whatever you’re doing.


A concave shape is one of the most unique and interesting shapes available today. The rounded interior face of the ring makes it  very comfortable to wear, while the concave exterior brings a twist to the traditional ring.


A bevelled edge wedding ring features three faces, which is unusual for wedding rings as they traditionally have one continuous outer surface. This extra dimension adds a unique spin on the classic wedding band, while the bevelled edge makes it easier for the ring to glide on and off your finger with ease - as long as you get the ring sizing right.

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