Top Spring 2018 Wedding Trends

Top Spring 2018 Wedding Trends

We’re just dipping our toes into the Wedding Season - here are the Spring Wedding Trends we expect to see this year.

We're at the very beginning of the Spring Wedding Season and we can hear wedding bells ringing in the distance. We've scoured Pinterest and had a sneak peak at what's happening at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding in a few weeks time. So, sit back, relax and have a read through the few wedding trends we're expecting to see this Spring 2018.

Woodland Theme

This Spring we expect to see woodland inspired weddings take the centre stage. Fairy lights, candles, bark, foliage and berries will adorn wedding venues across the UK, creating a rustic, warm and welcoming atmosphere for the guests of the Bride and Groom. We also expect to see a spike in barns being hired out for the wedding reception - they make a great backdrop for you to build on and create the rustic wedding of your dreams.

High Neckline Wedding Dresses

This wedding season is all about channeling your inner Grace Kelly when you choose your dream wedding dress. Expect to see full skirts, high necklines and cinched waists - whatever shape or size, this style dress is guaranteed to create an enviable silhouette. High neckline wedding dresses poses timeless elegance, demure and come in a range of styles. This year, it will be all about the intricate details in the dress and that all important statement neckline. 

Wedding Cake Trends

According to multiple news outlets, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have requested a Lemon and Elderflower Sponge Cake to be incorporated into their wedding cake - this is an apeeling trend we expect to catch on. We love the idea of a lemon, banana or any other flavour wedding cake as it's a completely different and welcome flavour in comparison to the traditional fruit cake you often find in wedding cakes. That being said - you cannot go wrong with a rich fruit cake....

DIY Confetti

Throwing confetti at newly weds after they've exchanged wedding rings and said their vows is a lovely British tradition. We've even seen many wedding parties make their own DIY confetti! Using dried herbs and shredded waste paper, they take minutes to create and look really cute! It's also a great way to repurpose and recycle old paper waste.

Diamond Wedding Rings

This Spring, we expect to see His and Hers Diamond Wedding Rings bejewel the vena amoris of the couple in question. Why? Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love and devotion (that's why diamond engagement rings are so popular). They also look spectacular in both women's and men's wedding rings.

Animals Will Play a Part

Anyone with a pet knows just how important they. If you're anything like us at Diamond Heaven, your pet is part of the family.  Whether you have a dog, cat or any other animal, there's no other feeling like coming home and chilling with your favourite furry friend. For some couples, their pets play a huge role in their lives, and they want to incorporate them into their wedding ceremony and/or reception. From a dog walking the bride down the aisle or a cat observing the wedding party, this is certainly a trend we can get behind.

Messy Updos for the Bride

The low-maintenance wedding is taking over this Spring, and this we'll see this reflected in the bride's messy updo. Her hair will be elegantly swept off her face, and a touch of sparkle will be added. Casual is king for the 2018 Spring wedding season.

White Garden Roses, Hornbeam, Birch and Beech

It's reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be having locally sourced foliage from the gardens of the Crown Estate and Windsor Great Park for their wedding flowers, and we expect to see other Brides and Grooms opt for the same. White roses, beech, peonies, hornbeam, birch and other classically British blooms will bedeck wedding venues across the UK, and will be the perfect addition to the Bride's floral arrangement.

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