His and Hers Wedding Rings - Top Wedding Band Sets

His and Hers Wedding Rings - Top Wedding Band Sets

Your wedding rings done have to be plain. Here our our favourite wedding bands for men and women.

wedding ring is the ultimate symbol of commitment and everlasting love. As soon as you say, "I do" and slip the wedding ring on your partner's finger, you've made one of the greatest promises in the world - to love your future spouse through thick and thin. Wearing a wedding ring is a fundamental display of devotion and dates back to Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians wore rings (a symbol of everlasting love) on the ring finger of the left hand, as they believed that this finger had a special vein that lead directly to the heart - this vein was named the "Vena amoris". If your looking for wedding ring sets for him and her, then this blog is for you!

His and Hers Wedding Rings

If you're getting married, you want to choose a his and hers wedding ring set that suits you and fits in with everyday life. If you're unable to wear your wedding ring everyday, have a look at the alternative ways you can wear your wedding ring here. Here are our Top His and Hers wedding ring sets. (Check out our guide to buying men's wedding rings).

Rose Gold Wedding Ring Sets

Rose Gold is an alloy of Gold and Copper. Due to its reddish hue, it is considered to be a ‘romantic' metal for both men and women. Alongside this, Rose Gold is an inexpensive metal,  making it a popular choice. Due to the strength of Copper, Rose Gold is tougher than Yellow Gold or White Gold.

18 Carat His and Hers Court Shape Wedding Rings

If you and your beau want to stick to tradition but add a unique twist to your wedding bands, then these stunning Rose Gold Court Shaped Wedding Rings for Him and Her are the perfect choice. Softly rounded on both the inside and outside of the ring, this smooth shape allows light to bounce off of the 18 carat rose gold, giving it spectacular shine. The 6MM court shape men's wedding ring offers a comfortable fit, along with the slimmer 2.5MM court shape women's wedding ring.

18 Carat Rose Gold Round Cut Diamond Wedding Rings

Are you and your future spouse looking for a wedding ring set that will demand attention?  Look no further than these Round Cut Diamond Ring 18 Carat Rose Gold Wedding Bands. The round cut diamonds sit 40% offset and bring out the spectacular shine of the Rose Gold. The 5 MM men's Rose Gold Wedding ring features the diamonds in a channel setting, similarly to the 4 MM women's Rose Gold and Diamond wedding ring.

Platinum Wedding Ring Sets

Due to its rarity, Platinum is much more expensive than Gold. According to the finance group Outsider Club, you could fit all of the Platinum that's ever been mined inside your living room. Platinum offers a white silver colour and is popular in jewellery due to its resilience and durability.

His and Hers Platinum Engraved and Diamond Wedding Rings

For couples who want wedding rings that are similar but a little different, you should look at Carved Men's Wedding rings in Platinum, and Vintage Women's Wedding Rings in Platinum. This means that you can add a little personal touch and both wedding bands will have a similar theme, but suit each individual. We love this men's 6 MM Flat Court Wedding Ring with a Groove and Beading Centre, and think it's the perfect other half to this 0.15 carat round cut diamond Vintage Women's  Wedding Ring.

His and Hers Diamond and Platinum Wedding Rings

This 5 MM Diamond Double Row Men's Wedding Ring is the perfect partner to this 6 MM Designer Diamond Twist Women's Wedding Ring. What we love about this pairing is that each ring stands out on its own, but looks spectacular when they're next to each other. Platinum and diamonds are a great choice for His and Hers wedding ring sets.  

Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Sets

Yellow gold is a mixture of pure Gold and other alloy metals such as Zinc or Copper. Yellow Gold is certainly making a comeback, and is a wonderful choice for His and Hers Wedding Rings.

18 Carat Yellow Gold Classic and Step His and Hers Wedding Bands

The classic Yellow Gold 2.5 MM D Shaped Women's Wedding Ring will go flawlessly with a number of engagement rings and this timeless style will always be in fashion. The Yellow Gold Court Shaped Men's Wedding Ring with two central grooves adds something a little different to his style of ring, and together make the perfect pair.

18 Carat Yellow Gold Round Cut His and Hers Wedding Rings

Diamonds are a great addition to any wedding ring, and this pair of Yellow Gold Diamond Wedding Rings are a perfect example of this. The 5 MM Yellow Gold Diamond Men's Wedding ring has a spectacular yellow gold shine, and looks great with the 3 MM Round Cut Diamond Yellow Gold Women's wedding band.

White Gold Wedding Ring Sets

White Gold is a popular choice of metal for any jewellery - the timeless white colour gives an elegant shine and looks spectacular against an array of diamonds and gemstones. Made from an alloy of gold and nickel or platinum, this resilient and durable metal is an excellent choice for any husband or wife-to-be.

18 Carat White Gold Beaded and Cut His and Hers Wedding Bands

For couples who like to opt for a more minimalist approach, these White Gold wedding bands are a great start. The 5MM Court Shaped Cut Men's wedding ring is truly striking, and the satin finish on the central stripe gives it a smooth, sleek aesthetic. The 5MM Vintage court Shaped Women's Wedding Ring with central beading shines spectacularly, and pairs wonderfully with the Men's wedding band.

18 Carat White Gold Diamond His and Hers Wedding Rings

For those who want showstopper wedding rings that will help them stand out from the crowd, these 18 carat White Gold Diamond Wedding Rings ought to be precisely what you were looking for. The three row 5.5 MM Men's Diamond Wedding ring is truly unmissable and demands attention - it's certainly a head turner. The 2.5 MM Women's Shaped Diamond Wedding Ring is the feminine, elegant and extraordinary partner to the bold Men's Wedding ring. We love it!

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