20 Things to do the Week before your Wedding

20 Things To Do The Week Before Your Wedding

Seven days stand between you and the happiest day of your life: your Wedding.

Seven days stand between you and the happiest day of your life: your Wedding. After months of planning, scrapbooks being filled with dream locations, perfect dresses and elegant updos, the planning is all finished and the final countdown is on.  So, what are the most important things left to do before you say "i do"?

Check Wedding Ring Sizes

Fingers grow and decrease in size over time. Where they may have fit perfectly a few months ago at the time of purchase, make sure to check your wedding rings still fit before the big day. Avoid any awkward fumbling with wedding rings during the ceremony!

Final Dress and Suit Fittings

Make sure to arrange final fittings for all dresses and suits to ensure all members of the bridal party look picture perfect on the big day.

Clean Your Engagement Ring

Make sure your engagement ring looks as stunning as ever with your brand new wedding band soon to be placed next to it.

Break in Shoes

Blisters can really put a downer on your wedding day. With so much running around to do, make sure to use the week before the wedding to break in your wedding shoes to limit the potential for painful blisters to be an unexpected guest on your big day.

Mani/ Pedi

Get your hands and feet picture perfect by treating yourself to a relaxing mani/pedi treatment. With so much attention put on your hands during the exchanging of rings, ensure they look their very best.

Up Your Water Intake

Water does wonders for your skin, hair, digestive system and brain functionality. By upping your water in take this week, your body will thank you come your wedding day.

Try on the Full Look With Make-up

We all have ideas of how an outfit will look when all put together, however sometimes the reality doesn't quite have the "wow" effect we are hoping for. Avoid this feeling on your wedding day by trying on the full ensemble in advance.  Tweak make-up and hair choices to make sure you feel your most confident self when it really matters.

Organise Wedding Boxes

Something which can easily be forgotten about in the midst of all the planning. Make sure to organise and fill wedding boxes this week to avoid staying up late the night before the big day in a panic.

Liaise With the Photographer

Memories last a lifetime, and photographs can help capture these  perfectly. Make sure to discuss shots you want captured on the day with the photographer in advance to make sure nothing is missed.

Check Dietary Requirements With Catering

No one wants ill guests on their wedding day due to a food allergy or intolerance. Make sure the caterers are aware of all dietary requirements well in advance and confirm the week before your wedding to make sure no one has been forgotten.

Check the Weather

Everyone hopes for a beautiful sunny day on their wedding but unfortunately, especially in the UK, this may not happen. Check the weather the morning of your wedding and don't be caught without an umbrella or warm clothes if the weather takes a turn on your big day.

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Nerves may be high with thoughts buzzing in your mind ahead of the big day, but try your best to get a good 8 hours sleep the night before your wedding. Make yourself a hot chocolate, read a book, turn off screens and settle into your last evening as a singleton. Your next big adventure is about to begin!

Write Your Partner a Letter

Take some time to put your feelings for your partner down on paper ahead of the big day. Let them know about your excitement, your nerves and your goals you want to achieve going forward in your life together. Give them your letter to open on the morning of your wedding to make sure they know they are in your thoughts on this exciting day.

Gifts for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

They've been there for all of the highs and lows, now it's time for you to show your appreciation to your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. From jewellery to novelty presents, ensure all gifts are prepared and ready to go on the big day.

Make Sure the DJ Knows Your Playlist  

Your day has gone smoothly, the meal is finished, the speeches have been said and now it's time for the DJ to finish the night off in style. Make sure the songs are to your taste and ready to get everyone up on the dance floor by discussing your playlist with the DJ in advance.

Social Media

You can't have a wedding in 2019 without it making an appearance on social media. So, take control and indulge in one of the biggest wedding trends of this year: a wedding hashtag. Make sure all guests use your unique wedding hashtag to mark your special day. This way you can browse all your memories and see every detail of your day for years to come from the perspective of your guests.

Passport for the Honeymoon

With so much excitement surrounding the big day, it's sometimes easy to forget what comes next : the honeymoon! Make sure your passports and documentation are ready to go so you can enjoy your honeymoon stress free!

Check in for Flights

Nothing could be worse than a long flight on the way to your dream honeymoon destination and you and your partner are seated on different sides on the plane. Check in as soon as the option becomes available so you and your new husband/wife can start your honeymoon (and your future) on the right foot.

Check Hotel Reservations

A nightmare situation: the wedding has gone perfectly, you've arrived at your perfect honeymoon destination to find a problem with your hotel reservations. A quick call ahead of time can stop any headaches when you just want to enjoy your honeymoon with your beau.

If you need any help in sorting your jewellery needs ahead of your wedding day, contact us today and out team will do our best to ensure your day goes ahead smoothly.