Top 5 Wedding Themes for 2019

Top 5 Wedding Themes for 2019

Are you getting married this year and need some inspiration?

You're engaged! A time full of joy, excitement and thoughts of your life ahead with your future significant other, what could be better? Now the fun part really starts: planning your big day. Your first thoughts may race straight towards finding the perfect dress or how you will filter down the guest list. However, first things first, time to decide a theme.

With trends changing each year, you want to select a theme which is unique to you and your partner which your guests can also enjoy. So, we are giving our top 5 wedding themes for 2019:

Eco- Friendly Wedding  

Put your best, environmentally conscious foot forward and use your big day to do your part for the Earth.  From recyclable invitations, vegetarian and vegan friendly food to dresses made from organic fabric and biodegradable confetti, there are an abundance of ways for your wedding to be eco-friendly this year.

You can implement this theme further visually through the use of your colour scheme. Match shades of green with light natural tones, incorporate natural potted flowers and add soft lighting to create a beautiful natural, eco friendly aesthetic.

Go local with your choice of venue and sourcing of flowers to limit the distance for your guests and suppliers to travel and support local businesses.

Upcycle old furniture and incorporate them as feature pieces in your reception venue to add even more individual taste.

With plenty of ways to implement eco-friendly aspects into your big day, you can be both on-trend and environmentally conscious this wedding season.

Travel Themed Wedding  

The World Tourism Organization showed that 1.18 billion tourists spent at least one night abroad in 2015, with numbers rising every year. This also means that more couples than ever are travelling together. So, share your memories from across the globe with your loved ones on your wedding day with a "Travel" theme.

Include passport/boarding pass invitations, have guests sign a globe rather than a guest book, have table names after locations you have travelled and incorporate vintage suitcases as display features at the reception. Then, fly away to a far away land for your honeymoon to truly complete the theme.                             

Classic is Timeless  

Sometimes, classic is best. For the traditional type, the classic themed wedding never goes out of style. A soft pastel colour scheme, perfect floral centerpieces and flower girls/ ring bearers are all staples of a classic themed wedding. Simple but elegant bridesmaids dresses matched with graceful Updos and natural make-up all go towards completing the perfect traditional wedding  in 2019.

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For the Non-traditional Type: Alternative is Best  

For the unconventional, an alternative wedding allows for complete individual expression. Throw out the rule book, avoid white, create a fantasy themed, use bold and contrasting colour or sultry dark tones. When it comes to an alternative wedding, there is no right or wrong way to create your special day, do whatever makes you happy. From Harry Potter and Star Wars themed weddings to Day of the Dead or Vintage Gothic, follow your heart when it comes to your perfect wedding day.

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Bohemian Chic  

Especially favoured in Spring/Summer, Bohemian themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular due to their blend of chic style and affordability. Capture the Bohemian essense with free flowing fabric dresses, fairy lights, flower crowns, dream catchers, braids, and greenery.

Include beautiful natural elements, boho rugs and wild flowers to complete your boho-chic theme, the perfect wedding day for the free-spirited.

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