5 Facts About the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham

5 Facts About Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter

For those interested in visiting,here are five fascinating facts about the Jewellery Quarter.

From the Balti Triangle in the south of Birmingham city centre, to 35 miles of navigable canals running throughout the UK's second city, Birmingham has a lot to offer. Naturally, our all time favourite place in Brum is the sparkling Jewellery Quarter - littered with independent bars and high quality jewellery shops, Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter is a national treasure, and a pivotal piece of the UK's jewellery production. It's estimated that 40% of British jewellery is produced there (Visit Birmingham).

At Diamond Heaven, we love all things to do with Birmingham - after all, our flagship diamond jewellery showroom is in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter (JQ)! Whether you're looking for a 18 carat yellow gold engagement ringmen's wedding rings or a diamond bracelet, you'll find the creme de la creme of diamond jewellery in our Birmingham store on Vyse Street! For those interested in visiting, here are five fascinating facts about the Jewellery Quarter.

The Jewellery Quarter is Home to the Largest Assay Office in Europe.

Birmingham Assay Office was founded in 1773, by an Act of Parliament. Silversmith, Matthew Boulton knew that the jewellery trade in Birmingham wouldn't ever truly flourish without an Office of its own, as hallmarking gold jewellery lends credibility to its purity. After lobbying vigorously, he was rewarded by the Hallmarking Act 1773 and the Assay Birmingham Office was born. Formerly on Newhall Street, the new office is located on Moreton Street. Birmingham Assay Office is the largest Assay Office in Europe, and only one of four left in the UK. Find out more about hallmarks in our FAQs about diamond jewellery. The ring in the image below is a round diamond spiral double halo ring.

Poet, Ian Mcmillan Wrote a Poem About the Jewellery Quarter.

Contemporary Poet, Ian McMillan wrote the poem, "Talking to Somebody about the Jewellery Quarter", which has been engraved into the material in the seam that runs down the middle of the Golden Square on Warstone Lane (just off of Vyse Street where we are). The poem reads:

"This place shines. It really shines. Put that in your poem: it shines. I'm scribbling as fast as I can, but this place is many faceted, Like a jewel, you mean? Very clever. Don't forget: it flippin' shines.

It's a kind of multi-faceted and gleaming and, yes, shining, asset. To a city that's already full to bursting with ideas and places. Put this in your poem: it's been here for two hundred years. And have you mentioned The Big Peg? Not yet but I will, I will, It was a place where jewellers with their gleaming faces?

Yes, if you like, gathered in this city... am I making myself clear? It kind of moves, this places,

it dances, it shimmies, it's never still. Shimmers. I like that. That's really helpful, thank you very much. No, shimmies, mate; it dances, this place really moves and shines. A bit like a jewel does; Thanks, thanks... It sparkles to your touch The Jewellery Quarter: craft and art and business meet. Sublime!"

St Paul's Square is the Only Remaining Georgian Square in  Birmingham.

St Paul's Square was built in 1777-79 by the Colmore family, on the Newhall estate in Birmingham City Centre. The square gets its name from St Paul's Church, in the centre of the square (you can't miss it!). It is the only remaining Georgian Square in Birmingham, and was a highly desirable and aristocratic destination in Birmingham. During the industrial revolution in Birmingham, much of the Jewellery Quarter and St Paul's Square was taken over by factories and workshops (many creating beautiful pieces of sparkling diamond jewellery) - a lot of restoration to bring back the Georgian aesthetic of St Paul's Square occurred during the 1970's, and many of the buildings are Grade II listed. The Square has over 200 protected buildings, many of them are jewellery shops in Birmingham.

The Queen's Birthday Honour Medals Were Made in the Jewellery Quarter.

The Queen's Birthday Honour Medals (part of the British Honours System) were made in Birmingham's very own Jewellery Quarter. The British Honours System is overseen by the Cabinet Office Honours and Appointments Secretariat. The medals are awarded to individuals with exceptional achievements or services. Citizens from the 15 Commonwealth Realms and UK nationals can be nominated for an Honour.

Series 6, 7 and 8 of Hustle Were Filmed in the Jewellery Quarter

The last three series of British crime-drama BBC TV series, Hustle, was filmed in Birmingham City Centre and parts of the Jewellery Quarter. The premise of the series follows a group of con-artists specialising in ‘long cons' in London (where our other Diamond Heaven store is). Some of the scenes were filmed along Colmore Row in the Jewellery Quarter, in Hotel Du Vin and in Brindley Place.

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