What Do Couples in the Uk Find Most Annoying About Their Partner?

What Do UK Couples Find Most Annoying About Their Partner?

34% of the UK finds their partner’s snoring super irritating.

Last month, Diamond Heaven undertook a survey in order to find out exactly what couples in the UK found truly irritating about their partner. Not every relationship is perfect - every couple is bound to find something about their partner that really grinds their gears, and the results from our survey certainly showed this! From the couples with wedding rings on their fingers, to engaged couples or those who have just got together, here's what the UK finds most annoying about their partner.  

34% of the UK Finds Their Partner's Snoring Really Annoying

Our survey has shown the trait we find most annoying is snoring; 34% of people in the UK find their partner's snoring aggravating. 42% of those to admit this were women, and 24% male. It seems that snoring is the most annoying trait for couples in the West Midlands, with 42% stating this characteristic was the worst. From visiting the Doctors to wearing nasal strips, this is certainly a trait that can be resolved!

12% of US Get Angry That Our Partners Don't Want to Have Sex

Sex is a huge part of a relationship, and 12% of the UK are getting angry that they're not having sex with their partner anymore. 15% of them were male, and 10% female. Many couples in long term relationships often reminisce about the ‘honeymoon period' of their relationship, but are no longer as sexually active. Being open and honest with your partner about your desires (or lack of), will help to resolve this.

34% of Women Said They Get Annoyed When Their Partner Ignores Them

Obviously no one likes being ignored, so it comes as no surprise when one quarter (26%) of couples in the UK stated that their partner ignoring them was a super annoying trait. Out of these, 34% were women and 16%  men. Alongside this, one in five (19%) of men said they find it irritating when their partner complains ‘too much', whereas more than a quarter (26%) of females said the same.

16% of the UK Get Riled When the Toilet Seat is Left Up...

The survey had shown that it was our partner's bathroom habits that really wound us up, with 16% agreeing that not changing the toilet roll was most agitating and a further 16% also said that leaving the toilet seat up was high on their list. .

We also asked the respondents were also asked if there were any other habits (along side the ones we'd listed) that got their blood boiling, and the results were truly interesting. One person stated that it was going to the pub too much which they found to be the most infuriating quality about their partner. One love sick person said it was that they didn't see their other half enough,  causing them to get annoyed.

Sadly for another unknown person they said that their spouse had been cooking meals for their ex- partner -  i'm sure we can agree we'd find this a little more than annoying.

Our very own  Head of Retail & Development at Diamond Heaven, Nicholas Carter said: "We all get annoyed with our partners for one reason or another, that's just life. Luckily it seems to be the little everyday things which annoy us the most.

"Maybe it's time to be more honest with each other when it comes to the things that irritate us and stop the problem from its source. Being more open and honest in our relationships can make the world of difference."

At Diamond Heaven we're romantics at heart, and believe that you should love every inch of the person you're with - sometimes, the most irritating aspect of your partner may actually be one of the best traits. In the wise words of Doctor Kelso from Scrubs, "you might find out that the thing you hate so much is the very same thing you miss when it's gone."