What Does Your Eternity Ring Say About You?

What Does Your Eternity Ring Say About You?

An Eternity Ring symbolises everlasting love. From a full-channel design to a gemstone ring, what does yours say about you?

An Eternity Ring is the ultimate symbol of true love, and a token of love that is never-ending. An Eternity Ring is the perfect emblem that represents the ‘eternity' a married couple plan and wish to share together. The concept of Eternity Rings dates back 4,000 years to Egypt, when Egyptians gave rings made out of reeds to commemorate everlasting life and love.  If you're choosing an Eternity Ring for your partner, or you're just looking for an Eternity Ring for a loved one, find out what your chosen ring says about you below.

Find out everything you need to know about Eternity Rings.

A Full Diamond Eternity Ring

A full Eternity Ring features a set of diamonds going all the way around the ring. In most cases, a full diamond Eternity Ring costs more than a half diamond Eternity Ring, as there are more diamonds featured in the design. Resizing a full eternity ring can be challenging, as the jewels will need to be added or removed from the ring.

A full Eternity Ring demands attention and is a timeless declaration of your commitment and loyalty to the special person in your life. It also shows just how confident you are in your relationship with your partner, and you're more than happy for this beautiful ring to compliment your breathtaking Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring.

A Half Diamond Eternity Ring

A half diamond Eternity Ring features a set of diamonds going half way around a ring. Because there aren't as many jewels, a half eternity ring isn't as expensive, and can be resized with ease as there aren't as many gems to add or remove.

If you find that you lead a more active lifestyle, then the half Eternity Ring is perfect as there won't be any diamonds or jewels on the underside of the band coming into contact with everything you touch. A half Eternity Ring shows that you love injecting a little glamour into your life, but you're also practical about what you want and need. Just because there aren't as many diamonds in a half Eternity Ring compared to a full, it doesn't detract from the endless love you feel for your beau and you're comfortable in your relationship.

A Gemstone Eternity Ring

A gemstone Eternity Ring adds a splash of colour and strays away from the traditional diamond Eternity Ring. Whether you love Sapphire, Tanzanite, Ruby or Emerald, a gemstone Eternity Ring shows that you have a fun side and a unique sense of style. Available in a range of pavé, prong and channel settings, a gemstone Eternity Ring is perfect for those who want to stray away from the traditional style ring.

Whether you're looking for a full, half or gemstone Eternity Ring, they all come in a range of styles - from a channel setting to a prong setting or pave setting, you'll find the perfect one to suit you with Diamond Heaven. Have a read through our Eternity Rings glossary for more in-depth explanations about eternity rings and the settings available.

A Channel Eternity Ring

A channel diamond ring is uniquely crafted, and has a row of diamonds secured within the ring. The metal prongs are hidden at the very top and bottom of each stone. A full or half channel Eternity Ring is fairly contemporary and shows that whilst you enjoy tradition, you're looking forward to the future and want something a little different to express your love.

Our Favourite Channel Diamond Eternity Rings

Full Channel Round Diamond Eternity Ring

This 3mm wide diamond set full eternity ring with 1.00 carat round cut diamonds set in a channel setting is truly spectacular. The elegant and timeless design is sure to seamlessly go with your wedding band and engagement ring and it won't ever go out of style. Choose from Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold or Platinum to personalise this Eternity Ring to suit your taste.

Round Diamond and Baguette Half Channel Eternity Ring

This petite 0.35 carat round cut and baguette half channel Eternity Ring is a jaw dropping design, and we adore it! The round cut diamonds are the perfect fit next to the baguette diamonds, and add an element of understated glamour. This 3mm ring will enhance your engagement ring and wedding band, and is available in Rose Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold and Platinum.

Prong Eternity Ring

A full prong or half prong diamond Eternity Ring is very bold and eye catching. Incorporating diamonds in a full or half band, the prongs can be rounded, pointed, flat, or V-shaped and hold the diamond in place whilst enhancing its cut and clarity. Perfect for those who love all things classic and always have their ‘look' perfected.

Our Favourite Prong Diamond Eternity Rings

Full Prong 2.5 mm Eternity Ring

Minimalistic and elegant, this 2.5 mm 1.00 carat full prong Eternity Ring will go flawlessly with any Engagement Ring and Wedding Band, and is sure to take your loved one's breath away. The brilliant round cut diamonds sit in a four prong setting and you can choose from Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, Platinum or White Gold.

Half Prong 2mm Eternity Ring

This spectacular 2 mm half prong Eternity Ring proves that less truly is more - these striking  0.30 carat round cut diamonds sit comfortably in a four prong setting, and will shine spectacularly when grouped with any bridal set. Available in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, Platinum or White Gold.

Pavé Eternity Ring

For those after something a little different, a full pavé Eternity Ring or half pavé Eternity Ring is the perfect choice. Pronounced "pa-vay,"  this setting derives from the French word "to pavé" - as in pavéd with diamonds. Used in both modern and vintage inspired rings, wearers of this style of ring have a big personality and lovestanding out from the crowd.

Our Favourite Pavé Diamond Eternity Rings

Full Pavé Double Row Eternity Ring

This style of diamond Eternity Ring demands attention, and will catch everyone's eye. The brilliant round cut 1.00 carat diamonds sit in a pavé setting, and the diamonds really do make up the majority of this ring. Add a unique twist and choose from Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold and Platinum to compliment your bridal set.

Half Pavé 0.90 carat Eternity Ring

Another head turner, this half pavé designer Eternity Ring features an array of 0.90 carat diamonds in a unique design. This stunning diamond Eternity Ring features a beautiful intricate design prong set with round brilliant cut diamonds set halfway around the ring. Choose from Yellow, Rose, White Gold or Platinum.

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