Wedding Ring Traditions around the World

Wedding Ring Traditions Around the World | Blog |  Diamond Heaven

A wedding is a sacred ceremony in many different cultures and as a result there are many variations, the same is for wedding ring traditions

The basic premise of two people choosing to spend their lives together remains the same throughout the majority of weddings, but each culture has their own beautiful traditions. Questions such as “what hand does a wedding ring go on'' for example are not so easily answered, as not every culture wears their wedding ring on the vein amoris. Without further ado, here are some wedding ring traditions around the world.

The Wedding Ring on the Left Hand Ring Finger - Western World

In the US, France, Canada and the UK, many people wear their wedding and engagement rings on their left hand, because of the old Latin belief that the vein in the fourth finger of the left hand ran directly to the heart. This vein was known as the ‘vein amoris' , which translates to ‘the vein of love'.

Wedding Toe Rings and Iron Bangles - India

In Hindu tradition, women are given toe rings (known as bichiya) as engagement rings. Women are gifted iron bangle bracelets in West Bengal, which are plated with precious metals, silver and gold. These untraditional engagement rings are truly beautiful and ornately decorated similarly to a Western engagement ring. In some instances, Hindu men gift their betrothed with both the traditional engagement toe ring and a Western-style one.

The Silver Anniversary Ring - Romania

Romania, has a beautiful custom on the silver anniversary where couples gift each other a silver wedding ring that is worn alongside their gold wedding bands. The aim of this tradition is to celebrate a long-lasting marriage. The aim of this is to commemorate not the commitment the couple have to the marriage, and the time they have spent and will continue to spend together.

The Claddagh - Ireland

The Irish have their own unique ring that can be used as an engagement ring, a wedding ring or a ring that symbolises friendship. This ring is known as the Claddagh, and can be worn on the right or left hand. The direction it faces lets people know whether it is an engagement ring or wedding band. The design has a pair of clasped hands, a heart and a crown, all representing loyalty, love and friendship (similar to the Trilogy ring). A ring with true sentiment.

Men's and Women's engagement Rings - Nordic Countries

In the Nordic countries, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark, tradition dictates that both men and women exchange and wear engagement rings, consisting of a simple gold band. Over the recent years more women have been initiating proposals, seeing a rise in popularity for ornate and complex men's engagement rings. Alongside this, the decoration of women's engagement rings has also become much more popular.

Semi-Precious Stones - Native America

Native America has produced some of the most beautiful jewellery seen to date. Turquoise, red coral, topaz and gorgeous precious stones are easily sourced in Native America, which is why tribes living in North America choose for silver rings embellished with semi-precious stones and other natural elements, instead of the classic solitaire diamond ring.

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