How to plan an Eco-friendly Wedding

How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

From engagement rings, invites, favours and keepsakes, here’s our guide on how to plan the perfect eco-friendly wedding.

So congratulations are in order — you’re planning on tying the knot, and now you’ve got some exciting planning to do before the big day! If you’ve been thinking about getting hitched post lockdown, then now is the perfect time to consider an eco-friendly wedding. With more emphasis on saving the environment than ever before, now is the time to think consciously about your wedding, making your big day as green as possible. 

You might think that planning a green wedding is tough, but we have plenty of eco-friendly wedding ideas to inspire you. From eco-friendly engagement rings, invites, favours and keepsakes, here’s our full guide on how to plan the perfect sustainable wedding. 

Eco-friendly Engagement Rings

You can start being eco-conscious way before your big day by investing in an eco-friendly engagement ring. Our lab grown engagement rings provide the perfect sustainable alternative to natural diamonds, and you’ll be getting your eco-friendly wedding off to a flying start! 

Lab grown diamonds are grown artificially, meaning they’re not involved in digging up the Earth. Lab grown diamonds are still gorgeous  and yes, they’re still real diamonds! They’re also more affordable than their natural counterparts, so you will be saving some money to put towards your big day. If you’re still sceptical about lab grown diamonds, then check out our blog post about how eco-friendly lab grown diamonds are. 

Sustainable Wedding Invitations

Sending wedding invitations out is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. Wedding invites are the perfect way to set the tone for your big day and get your guests super excited. They don’t have to be fancy either. 

To make eco-friendly wedding invitations, choose recycled paper or step up the cool factor and use seed paper. Seed paper can be planted and will sprout flowers, so your guests have a life-long memento planted in their garden. 

You could always eliminate paper altogether! For the best sustainable wedding invitation option, just send an e-vite. E-vites are completely sustainable with no carbon footprint from shipping and no paper involved. Your guests will also not have to worry about losing your invite before the wedding as they will be able to access it from their phone at any time. 

Eco-friendly Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses are usually a wear-once, but they don’t need to be! For the perfect sustainable wedding dress, ask a family member for a hand-me-down. You will be saving the environment, and it will be a lovely sentiment borrowing your mum’s or grandma’s wedding dress. 

If not, then you could even buy a second-hand or vintage dress from your local charity shop. Same goes for the fellas too, opt for borrowing your wedding suit from a family member or purchase a second hand one. 

Sustainable Wedding Favours

You’ve got to give your guests a memento to remember your wedding, so why not make your wedding favours eco-friendly too. 

Confetti makes for a wonderful moment as you both walk back down the aisle together, 

but most confetti has a terrible environmental impact. By opting for biodegradable eco-friendly wedding confetti, your guests can still get that picture perfect moment, without harming the planet. 

If you’re thinking of something more unique to give to your guests, then you could opt for miniature plants as your eco-friendly wedding favours. Tiny succulent plants make a lifelong memento of your wedding, and they’re less likely to be thrown away straight after. They also double up as table decorations too, so you’ll be saving costs. 

Eco-friendly Wedding Gifts

You can make your guests aware you’re going green by requesting sustainable wedding gift options on your registry list. List items that have long term value, like dining ware for your home and other items you might need before starting your married life. 

Alternatively, you could request that your guests donate to a charity that is close to your heart. You’ll be giving to a good cause and cutting down on wrapping paper waste.

We hope we’ve given you some great sustainable wedding ideas for your upcoming special day! If you’ve not popped the question yet, then why not check out our collection of lab-grown engagement rings and set your wedding plans in motion.