How to Store Diamond Jewellery

How to Store Diamond Jewellery

From storing, wearing and cleaning, here’s our guide on how to care for your diamonds properly.

Diamonds are usually  special investment pieces associated with love and special moments in life. So if you truly want your diamonds to last forever, then it’s important to take care of them properly! From storing, wearing and cleaning here’s a guide on how to care for your diamonds properly. 

Storing your Diamond Jewellery safely

First and foremost, your diamond jewellery should be kept in a dry box, away from sunlight, air and humidity. This is to prevent the metal from tarnishing, but it also keeps the diamonds safe themselves. Although diamonds are one of the hardest materials, they can still be prone to damage and scratching overtime if not stored correctly. 

Your diamonds could get scratched and damaged even if they’re kept in a jewellery box. This is especially true if you take your jewellery on the go with you. To prevent your diamonds from knocking around in your jewellery case, wrap each piece of jewellery separately in a soft cloth. Alternatively, invest in a compartmentalised storage box. Not only will it showcase your jewellery in a beautiful way, it will also make it much safer when travelling. 

An extra storage tip for added protection is to separate each element of your jewellery and store them individually. For example, storing your necklace chain and the diamond pendant in separate compartments to avoid them rubbing against each other. 

Cleaning your Diamond Jewellery

To ensure your diamond jewellery lasts a long time, it’s important to clean them appropriately before storing them away. Whilst you’re wearing them, your diamonds can pick up grime and dirt. If they’re stored away without cleaning, this could lead to discolouration or oxidation. 

If you wear your diamond jewellery every day, cleaning it regularly helps remove bacteria and restore it’s shine. Before cleaning your jewellery pieces please refer to your jewellery care guide to ensure our method is appropriate for your diamond jewellery. 

To clean your diamond pieces, place it in a bowl of warm water and gentle soap.  Soak the ring for five minutes and then brush over with a soft bristle brush. Pay close attention to the edges of the diamond, prongs and the metal to remove any grime build up. Take extra care when cleaning smaller stones and more intricate jewellery pieces. 

Rinse off with warm water then dry your diamond jewellery piece with a lint-free cloth to buff and shine. Letting your diamond jewellery dry naturally may cause water stains, so be sure to dry them thoroughly. You can now wear your shiny diamond again with pride or store it away for the next special occasion! 

Extra tips for taking care of Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds can withstand a lot, but make sure to take off your jewellery before showering, soaking in a hot tub or swimming. Hot or cold temperatures can have negative effects on your diamond, so store them appropriately before getting into water. 

Your diamond jewellery can also be affected by cosmetic products, so be sure to take earrings out and rings off before applying makeup. The same goes for cleaning products and chemicals, ensure your jewellery is put away safely until you’re done. 

Lastly, keep your diamond jewellery out of sunlight! When you’re not wearing your stunning diamond ring or favourite diamond studs, it’s tempting to keep them on the window ledge or dresser. Although diamonds are relatively resilient, the silver, gold or platinum your diamond is set in can be prone to discoloration and dullness. Make sure to store your jewellery away in a soft pouch or place into your jewellery box.

Storing your diamond jewellery properly and keeping up good practice is essential for your diamond’s longevity. Afterall, you want to enjoy your diamond ring, earrings or necklace for years to come. For some extra tips, visit our section on caring for your jewellery. If you still need your diamond fix, then browse our selection of stunning diamond jewellery.