How to choose Diamond Earrings

How to Choose Diamond Earrings

Whether you’re buying earrings for yourself or as a gift for a special someone, here’s our guide to choosing diamond earrings.

There’s no doubt that a pair of diamond stud earrings look classy, elegant and sophisticated. Whether you’re buying them for yourself or as a gift for a special someone, here’s our guide to choosing diamond earrings that will be worn and cherished for years to come.

Setting a Budget for Diamond Earrings

As with all jewellery investment pieces, always make sure you choose a price that you’re comfortable spending. We have a vast selection of diamond earrings with multiple cuts and carats, so you will be sure to find a pair of earrings that you will love and suit your budget.

Choosing your Earring setting

Knowing which setting to choose for your diamond earrings can be difficult! Our two most popular settings for diamond earrings are rubover and claw setting.

Sometimes referred to as the prong setting, the claw setting is traditional for diamond earrings. The claw will hold your diamond snugly in place with two to six ‘claws’, depending on your choice and size of diamond. The claw setting is the best for showcasing how stunning your diamond is from multiple angles as it sits on your earlobe. Our favourite pair are these traditional round diamond stud earrings

The rubover setting sometimes known as the bezel setting is also another popular option. This look is more contemporary, giving your diamond a pretty halo effect. The rubover setting also offers your diamond more security, which is great for wearers who are constantly on the go as they’re less likely to snag on hair or clothing.

The rubover setting is also a great option for those who wish to wear their diamond earrings every day. Here’s our favourite pair of halo round diamond earrings

Choosing a Diamond Shape for Earrings

With various diamond cuts to choose from, you can choose a cut that suits your style and personality the best. The cut of the diamond itself can also affect its price, so be sure to keep this in mind. Our three favourite cuts for diamond earrings are round, pear shaped and princess cut. 

Round cut diamond earrings are a classic and elegant option. A brilliant cut for showing off your diamond’s sparkle. They’re timeless too, so you can wear your diamond earrings for years to come. Round cut diamond earrings are also a great option for gifting as they suit almost anyone and any outfit. 

Also known as tear-drop shaped, the pear-shaped diamond earrings offer the same sparkle as a round-cut diamond. The tapered point of a pear-shaped diamond allows for more light to bounce off your earrings. Pear-shaped diamond earrings are a classy option and can be paired with most outfits but still make a statement. They work well in both claw setting and rubover setting, showing off your diamond’s brilliance no matter what size it is. 

What is the best cut for Diamond Earrings?

The best cut for diamond earrings is a princess cut. This cut is our top favourite for diamond earrings. The square, pointed edges give the diamond a classy, sophisticated look, and they suit absolutely anyone. 

When the light hits princess cut diamond earrings, they sparkle beautifully, showing off all the facets of your diamond. Check out our favourite pair of princess cut diamond studs

Choosing a metal type for your Diamond Earrings

The metal type you choose for your diamond earrings completely depends on your preference. If you prefer a classic look, then opt for gold or silver metal. You can’t go wrong with these two traditional colours as they suit anyone. Alternatively, white gold and rose gold diamond earrings are more contemporary, a great choice if you’re buying diamond earrings as a gift for a young person. 

Using the four C’s 

You should always consult the four C’s when buying any diamond jewellery. The four Cs are cut, carat, clarity and colour, check out our post if you need a full guide on the four Cs

High clarity is an important factor for engagement rings, but when buying diamond earrings, it doesn’t matter so much. Diamonds in earrings are much smaller, so the clarity you choose shouldn’t have too much of an impact on the overall look. Of course, if you’re looking for investment value, choose the best diamond within your budget. 

Now that you’ve considered all the elements of your earrings, browse through our full collection of diamond earrings. We have a range of settings, diamond shapes and metals to choose from, so you can build a pair of stunning diamond earrings that suit you or that special someone perfectly.