Diamond Stud Earrings: Always in Style

Diamond Stud Earrings: Always in Style

Diamond stud earrings are an incredibly popular choice when it comes to choosing a pair of earrings, whether it is for yourself or as a gift.

Diamond stud earrings are an incredibly popular choice when it comes to choosing a pair of earrings, whether it is for yourself or as a gift. These precious jewels have been used to decorate the human body for centuries, and have been worn by both male and females.

Historically, ancient earrings were made from metal shaped as crescents or carved stone that was slipped through a pierced earlobe. The oldest earrings unearthed by archaeologists are a pair of jade rings, found in Mongolia. They are thought to be between 8200-8500 years old.

Timeless and classic, diamond studs are the perfect choice for those who want to keep it simple. Whether you want a solitaire diamond stud earring or a unique cluster diamond design, your diamond earrings will never become outdated.

Unique Three Prong Round Diamond Stud Earrings 

These Unique Three prong round Diamond Earrings guarantee to add a touch of sparkle to any outfit. Enveloped by white gold, this brilliant round cut earring, starting from a 0.30 carat diamond sits comfortably on the lobe and enhances your features.

As diamond is one of the hardest materials known to man, these three prong diamond studs are resilient and durable. However, diamond also very brittle, so we don't advise taking your hammer to it...

Mens Diamond Single Stud Earring

This simplistic Men's Diamond solitaire Stud can be set in white gold, platinum or yellow gold. Starting from a 0.30 carat, the cut of the stud can be customised to your desired shape.

Men have been wearing earrings long before George Michael made his appearance with hoop earrings in the 1980's. The oldest mummified male body, believed to be over 5,000 years old displayed evidence of pierced ears, and throughout history, men have worn earrings as a sign of wealth and societal value.

Round Black Diamond Earrings

Looking for an alternative to a pair of classic clear diamond earrings? These four prong classic Round Black Diamond Earrings start at 0.50 carat and will give your look the edge and sparkle it deserves.

Black diamonds are something a bit different to clear traditional diamond jewellery. The colouring in black diamonds is not due to imperfections or impurities, unlike other stones. They have the black colouring due to the minerals hematite, sulfide and magnetite. Black diamonds look absolutely stunning against white gold and platinum.

Princess Diamond Cluster Earrings

Cluster stud earrings offer a modern twist to the timeless solitaire diamond stud. These eloquent Princess Diamond Stud takes a large diamond and surrounds it will smaller diamonds, creating a cluster.

These earrings are the perfect piece of statement jewellery if you want to go for a bold yet elegant look. Starting from 0.40 carat, these cluster earrings will sit perfectly on your ear.

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