Diamond Studs: Picking the best size Studs for you

 Diamond Studs: Picking the Best Size Studs for You

Diamond stud earrings are a popular style of diamond earrings that are ideal for everyday wear. When our customers come into our stores looking to buy a pair of diamond studs, we’re often asked: “what is the best size?”. While we’d never say there is a “best size”, every person has their own ideal size, which is dependent on your style, budget and the diamond qualities you prefer.

To support you in finding the right stud size for you, we’ve created this guide to explore the impact of the quality, style and the 4Cs (Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat) will have on your size and price.

How Carat affects Diamond Stud Size

The carat of a diamond is important in determining the weight of the stone that will sit in your stud earring. Put simply, the more carats on a diamond it will weigh and the larger the diamond size. For example, if you have 2ct Stud Earrings that means each stud will weigh 1ct each to bring the total weight to 2ct. This will be listed as CTW (Carat Total Weight) or Total Carat. If you want to have a 2ct diamond in each stud, select 4ct as the total carat.

It’s important that you look at the various size options available to you so you can find the one that fits comfortably on your ears.

Choosing Your Budget

Diamond studs vary in price hugely depending on the carat weight and the quality of the diamond cut you choose. The higher carat diamonds with a better quality of cut are rare and a lot more expensive. 

You should always set a budget before buying any diamond jewellery, so you know what shapes, styles, cuts and weight fit into that budget. Each of those factors will play a part in the total price of your purchase.

The 4cs and Diamond Studs

The 4Cs (Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat) is the universal standard for deciding the quality of a diamond. You must consider each element, as this will determine the price of your stud earrings. By using the 4Cs you can get diamond stud earrings that are not only stunning to look at but also represents the best value for you.

Let’s analyse the 4Cs to see what you should prioritise:

  • Colour: Each facet on the diamond is like a tiny mirror which reflects the light around the stone. This also means that the diamond will radiate the colour of the metal it is set in, your skin and anything else around it. If you want to save on your budget, you can choose a diamond that is lower on the D-to-Z scale.

  • Clarity: When choosing the clarity of your diamond, this relates to the amount of inclusions and blemishes on your stone. If you’re looking to shave a little off your budget, it’s unlikely that people will be able to spot any reduction in the clarity unless they’re examining it like a jeweller. With a slightly reduced clarity, you can save a little cash to spend on your cut and carat.

  • Cut: The diamond cut is a large part of how your stone sparkles. A round brilliant cut diamond provides an incredible sparkle, making it a popular choice for a stud earring. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dismiss other options including Princess, Marquise, Oval, Emerald, Heart, Pear and Asscher which all sparkle beautifully in their own way. It’s simply down to taste what shape cut you choose, but if you really want it to sparkle, choose Excellent or Very Good.

  • Carat Weight: As mentioned above, the carat weight of your diamond will not only affect its size but also its weight. However, when selecting the weight of the stone you can save a little money with little loss to the stones. You can choose in-between sizes such as 0.50ct, 0.80ct, 1.20ct, 1.40ct etc. 

Diamond Cut and Shape in-depth

Every diamond stud earring is available in a wide variety of cuts and shapes. Each has its own unique charm and sparkle, ensuring not one choice is considered the best shape or cut. However, there are two popular cuts for diamond stud earrings:

  • Round Brilliant Diamond: While being the most popular cut for diamond engagement rings, the round brilliant is also perfect for studs because of their maximum brightness and sparkle in a colourless diamond. 

  • Princess Cut Diamond: If you choose the square diamond shape of a Princess cut, your stud earrings can look a little edgy. Because a Princess cut features a round brilliant facet arrangement, the stunning sparkle really comes through.

Stud Earring Settings

Choosing the right setting will affect how much your diamond sparkles while set on your ear. To get the most sparkle, you should avoid having lots of metal around the diamonds. The less metal means the diamond is more visible. Some choose to have a setting with three or four prongs to create an eye-catching stud. 

For smaller diamonds, adding a halo of diamonds can enhance the stud. Otherwise, you could have the diamond encases in a white metal setting that will enhance the colourlessness.

You can buy diamond stud earrings and men’s diamond studs from the expert jewellers at Diamond Heaven. Customise your order to suit your styles, tastes and budget. You can also book an appointment with us at any of our stores to discuss your order further.