2018 Winter Wedding Trend Predictions

2018 Winter Wedding Trend Predictions

Check out some popular 2018 Winter Wedding trends to help you celebrate the fairytale winter wedding in style.

Are you planning to have a Winter Wedding? Are you and your future spouse in the process of planning a wedding but are ironing out the minor details? Organising a wedding can be an overwhelming process - there's so much to think about. We are here to help alleviate some of the pressures, and have gathered some popular 2018 Winter Wedding trends to help you celebrate the fairytale winter wedding in style. Check out the winter wedding ideas, trends and inspiration below.  

Frozen Flower Decorations

Something that has become increasingly popular over the years has been the art of freezing flower buds. There are a range of uses for this new trend, with one shown above! Instead of simply just ice cubes, using frozen flower buds can add some extra class to your wedding, and can contribute to the theme of your big day.

Another alternative is using frozen flower buds as a garnish for desserts. Again with the champagne bucket, you can customise this to your theme or needs with a huge variety of colour and shapes possible. While it may be seen as ‘extra', you want your big day to stand out in the minds of guests, and this is the perfect way to achieve just that!

Another twist to this is using edible flowers in certain wedding decorations. Edible flowers can be used to decorate the top of cakes or as a garnish in variety of beverages. To create something fun for children, the edible flowers can be used in ice lollies, adding a cute twist to a sweet treat!

Using Neon Lights

Over the years neon lights have become increasingly popular, especially at weddings. Neon signs can be great as welcome signs, or be used as directions to tell guests where to go.Neon lights will electrify the atmosphere and take your wedding decorations to another level. They will be a standout feature to your wedding day, giving guests something to remember. Using initials or creating a personal wedding hashtag is a funky way to make your wedding feel personal to all those attending, all while creating something unforgettable for yourselves and your guests.

Wearing Velvet Jackets

Winter means one thing - the return of the cold!  Velvet jackets are perfect for the colder months and are becoming an increasingly popular fashion piece. Velvet blazers are available in a wide range of colour and styles, making them the perfect wedding attire. The velvet jackets trend itself is a timeless piece and can be customised to create a completely unique look.

Why not wear a silk shirt with a black bow tie under your velvet jacket? It will add a clean, crisp look to the groom and groomsmen. Combining the jacket with a pristine pair of leather brogues will create a dapper aesthetic, making any groom look on top form for their big day at the altar. If you're looking for a more casual look, matching the velvet jacket with a pair of jeans and black leather Chelsea boots will create a smart, yet casual feel for those who are not part of the main wedding party.  

Wearing Leather Jackets

Similar to velvet jackets, leather jackets add not only warmth to an outfit, but a chic and edgy touch to any wedding look. Having a winter wedding in the UK is guaranteed to be colder, but that shouldn't stop you from looking your best for your future wife or husband to be! As inspired by Kim and Kanye's wedding, leather jackets are an effortlessly cool way to spice up your wedding day look. Why not personalise your jacket? Get your initials embroidered on the collar or cuffs, or maybe on the back of the jacket. If it makes your wedding unique to you, why not!

These are just a few ideas that you could incorporate into your big day. Diamond Heaven keeps a close eye on the latest trends so that we can offer you the perfect wedding bands to suit your big day.

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