What to Do 10 Days Before Your Wedding

What To Do 10 Days Before Your Wedding

We have created a checklist of things to do before your wedding to help organise those last few days. Let the countdown begin!

Congratulations - you are counting down the days until you marry the love of your life! At this stage, it is not uncommon to feel both a mixture of nerves and excitement as the countdown begins. Although only 10 days away, it is likely that you will still have some final things to organise. This may be causing you to feel overwhelmed. Here at Diamond Heaven, we have created a checklist of things to do before your wedding to help ensure your wedding goes off without a hitch.

DAY 1 -Take Some Days Off Work

Firstly, take the week off work. This will ensure that you can plan last minute things prior to your wedding. The last thing you want is to feel rushed for time. It'll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you will be free to spend the last few days planning and pampering!

DAY 2 -Run Over Your Seating Plan  

However tedious this task may be, it is important that you have a solid seating plan for your guests so that they too can enjoy your special day - you don't want to be sitting two opposing members of a family feud together! Run over your seating plan one last time to ensure that you haven't missed anyone out and then do a final head count.

DAY 3 -Send a Wedding Playlist Over to Your DJ  

When it comes to your wedding, the music will set the tone for the entire evening. Nothing beats an unforgettable night of getting down on the dancefloor with your loved ones. If you have any special requests, make sure you send them over to the DJ. Maybe you and your partner have a special song that means something to you both? Or perhaps you know some old school classics that are sure to please the crowd? Either way, unless you are happy with the DJ choosing cheesy classics that everyone loves, it is worth sending over a playlist. Check out our eclectic wedding playlist here for some inspiration!

DAY 4 -Wardrobe Check

A wardrobe malfunction is any bride's worst fear. With the impending wedding stress, it is not uncommon for weight to fluctuate. Make sure you try on your dress one last time in case you need to make any last minute adjustments at the tailors. This will also give you a better idea of your overall look for the big day - think of it as a final ‘dress rehearsal.'

DAY 5 -Send Over Your Shot List to Your Photographer

Great photos are crucial to any wedding. Make sure to send over a shot list to your photographer ahead of time. It may be worth giving some pin pointers of what (and who) you want your photographer to capture. This will ensure that they don't miss out any key players in your wedding and you will have special memories to reminisce on in years to come.

DAY 6 -Practice Walking in Your Shoes

You will be wearing these shoes for the duration of your wedding - which will be a very long day. Practice walking in your shoes around the house for the day to break them in. Tip: Make sure to bring some plasters on the day just incase you get a dreaded blister in those all important shoes.

DAY 7 -Confirm Your Hair and Beauty Appointments

You have probably already attended your hair and makeup trial and decided what you are having. However, to avoid any confusion on the day, it may be worth ringing up your hairdresser or makeup artist to confirm timings. This will help to ensure that your day runs smoothly.

DAY 8 -Practice Your Vows and Speeches

Whether you are finalising your vows and speeches, or you just want to perfect them for the day, now is the time to do so. Once you have finished writing them, practice them out loud to yourself several times. Although you don't need to know them off by heart, it may help to familiarise yourself in case the butterflies in your stomach kick in on the big day. This may help you to feel more relaxed about speaking them in front of your audience.

DAY 9 -Remember the Wedding Rings

Rings are a crucial part of any wedding ceremony. They are the ultimate symbolism of the union between you and your loved one. You've carefully chosen your wedding rings and had them fitted - now please don't forget them (think Four Weddings and a Funeral)! So, give them a polish, organise who will be bringing them down the aisle and you are good to go. If you are reading this and haven't yet bought your wedding rings, visit Diamond Heaven for some inspiration.

DAY 10 -Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

And...breathe. It is the day before your wedding and you deserve to spend it relaxing. Why not organise a trip to the spa with your bridesmaids? They will help to calm you of any pre-wedding nerves you might be having and will help you to get excited about your special day. So book that massage, pour the champagne and let the countdown begin...

The Big Day

Today is the big day! Everything should be organised at this point. All you have to do is get your hair and makeup sorted, put your dress on, drive to the venue, and marry the love of your life - simple!

If you are newly engaged or thinking about proposing, head to Diamond Heaven and view our range of engagement and wedding rings. We promise to help you find the perfect ring for your loved one to complete your special day.

For more information, please contact us today and we will be happy to help.