Men’s Wedding Ring trends for 2021

Men’s Wedding Ring Trends For 2021

As we head towards autumn, we explore the men's wedding ring trends that have developed over the year and how they could shape the market in 2022.

When you think of wedding bands many people instantly think of classic designs where brides and grooms wear matching rings in a demonstration of commitment. Although these are still a very popular choice, increasingly couples are deciding to break away from tradition by selecting bands that are unique to them.

There are many reasons for this, not least as it allows people to express their individuality on their big day. It’s also allowed for the growing trend of interesting and unique wedding bands, categorised by the different styles favoured by both men and women. 

Today we’re talking all things men’s wedding rings and looking at some of the trends we’ve already seen this year as well as some that we’re expecting to see this autumn and winter.

One thing to remember is that when it comes to buying wedding bands that are in fashion, some rules should be followed. For example, avoid styles that may be deemed unfashionable in years to come - after all a wedding band is for life.

Here are some of the latest wedding ring trends for men.




Engraved Wedding Bands 

Traditionally, men’s wedding rings have been gold, platinum or silver with a plain aesthetic and little detailing. This understated look helps the traditional band retain a classic feel and allows the wearer to do so without the worry of fashion trends. 

However, in recent years and into 2021 the inclusion of some minor detailing has become more popular. Simple carved engravings have worked their way into more and more designs in a way that still retains their classic look. 

Single or dual lines spanning the outer circumference of the ring have become particularly popular, especially when the chosen ring has been made using platinum or silver. Such is the popularity of this design, we expect this trend to continue far beyond the end of the year.




Diamond Wedding Rings 

Increasingly, precious diamonds are not just limited to the bride. If the groom in question prefers gemstones there are a multitude of ways in which they can feature on his wedding band.

Diamond wedding rings are the perfect way to cement your love for each other on your big day. Available in his and her designs, there are plenty of diamond-encrusted options when it comes to your wedding bands.

If they’re not a fan of the sparkling glitz and glamour often found with diamond jewellery then incorporating smaller stones into a solid silver or platinum band could be the way to go. This can be done as a single stone, block of stones or ring of stones around the outside. 




Two-tone Wedding Bands

Two-tone wedding rings have become some of the most popular choices over the last few years. Typically, wearers will choose a detailed pattern that consists of both gold and silver elements. The beauty of these two-tone designs is that they can be as intricate or as subtle as you like, the contrast between the colourings helps any design stand out.




Black Diamond Wedding Rings

As well as the trend of adding traditional diamonds to wedding bands for men, the inclusion of black diamonds is set to become even more popular. This is quite a bold choice so will not suit all grooms, but provides a truly unique twist on the classic wedding band.

Black diamonds first became a popular choice for men’s wedding bands last year. Since then their popularity has grown steadily and with the boom in post-pandemic weddings, they are set to get even more popular in 2022.

The contrast of the black diamond sparkle set against a polished platinum setting creates a wonderfully striking look. As with the use of traditional diamonds, you can shape the design depending on your tastes. More diamonds lead to a statement ring that’s sure to stand out from the crowd whereas a more subtle look can be achieved when using black diamonds sparingly. 




Unique Men’s Wedding Rings From Diamond Heaven

At Diamond Heaven, we have a wide range of wedding rings available to see in-store or online. Our collections contain some of the trendiest and most popular wedding band designs for both men and women, ranging from classic understated bands to intricate diamond-encrusted rings. 

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