What is April’s Birthstone?

What is April’s Birthstone?

Find out all about April's birthstone in this insightful blog

For centuries, different birthstones have been assigned to represent particular months with each stone said to have certain spiritual, physical and mythical characteristics. Our blog discusses April's iconic birthstone (or birthstones).

Is April's Birthstone a Diamond?

In short, yes. From the 20th Century, diamonds have been seen as April's official birthstone, certified by the American Gem Society. For those lucky enough to be born in April and call this timeless and iconic stone your birthstone, the diamond is a symbol of everlasting love.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Diamonds?

In term of spiritualism, diamonds are said to improve the happiness of the wearer in both their personal life and relationships, in turn increasing their inner strength. Due to diamonds being the hardest stone on earth, it's not surprising that the qualities of the stone are believed to affect the wearer in term of aiding personal strength. In fact, the word "diamond" comes from the Greek word "Adamas" which means "unconquerable and indestructible", which we think is quite accurate.

What Does a Diamond Symbolise?

Diamonds have always been symbolic of wealth, strength and love. According to Vedic Astrology, diamonds even represent the planet Venus,  the most shining and beautiful planet in the solar system. The diamond is truly an iconic stone.

However, it is also believed that particular coloured diamonds represent many other characteristics. For example, Blue diamonds are not only the second rarest colour of diamond, but represent peace, devotion and truth, whereas green diamonds represent the rarest of rare diamonds and symbolise nature, abundance and prosperity.

Have Diamond Always Been April's Birthstone?

Throughout history, different cultures have developed birthstone calendars which have often been revised and changed. Therefore, April has not always been blessed with diamond as its birthstone. Although Sapphire is now associated with the month of September, in ancient times Sapphire was seen as April's birthstone within Roman, Slavic, Arabic and Hebrew civilisation.

Sapphire's symbolic meanings and representations differ noticeably from that of diamonds.  Aiding to release anxiety and tension while aiding spiritual enlightenment, inner peace and serenity  are just a few of the traits of this mysterious stone.

Opal, White Topaz and Quartz Crystal have also been associated with claims of being April's birthstone within different cultures birthstone calendars.

April Diamond Birthstone Gifts

For those born in April, the number of potential beautiful gifting options is just one reason why having diamond as a birthstone is such a positive things. From Diamond earrings and pendants to rings and bracelets, you could be spoilt for choice when selecting the perfect gift so we have some top picks for you:

Traditional Round Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Traditional, timeless and versatile, our round diamond solitaire pendant is the perfect gift for those born in April. Both an everyday jewellery stable and a delegate outfit accessory, a simple diamond solitaire pendant is the piece of jewellery ideal for every jewellery lover.

Classic Round Diamond Cluster Earrings

Why have a set of single diamond studs when you can have multiple diamonds crafted into a beautiful floral design?! Capture the essence of spring with this stunning earring set.

Alternative April Birthstone Gifts

If you prefer sapphire as a birthstone option, there are plenty of gifting opportunities which would allow you to combine both April's current birthstone with its previous.

Blue Sapphire & Diamond Hoop Earrings

Our stunning sapphire and diamond hoop earrings are both elegant and fashion forward. With hoops being a big trend in fashion this year, this beautiful pair of earrings truly do make for the alternative April birthstone gift.

If you know a special person with an April birthday and need some further gift inspiration, contact our team and we will make sure you find the ideal gift to truly showcase how much you care this April. Our showrooms in Birmingham, LondonManchesterGlasgow and soon to be Cardiff means a Diamond Heaven is never far away.