Rose Gold Eternity Rings - Why We Love Them!

Rose Gold Eternity Rings - Why we Love Them!

Could there be a more romantic sounding metal? Here at Diamond Heaven, we have outlined why we believe eternity rings in rose gold are perfect.

Could there be a more romantic sounding metal? Here at Diamond Heaven, we have outlined why we believe eternity rings in rose gold are perfect.

What is an Eternity Ring?

An eternity ring (or infinity ring) is given as a symbol of lasting love and affection. It is typically set with an unbroken circle of gems and can be given instead of or in addition to a diamond engagement ring or wedding ring.

Traditionally it is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand (ring finger), since the ‘vein of love' is said to run directly from this finger to your heart. The circular shape of the ring refers to a lasting love that will continue forever, making it the perfect symbol of love, devotion and appreciation.  

What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold jewellery has become increasingly desirable over the last few years. It first became popular in Russia during the beginning of the 19th century, which is why it is sometimes referred to as ‘Russian Gold.' This precious metal offers a pink-hue to the classic gold variations, which are perhaps more widely seen.

Rose gold is an alloy comprised of gold, silver and copper. Through mixing these metals together, the material becomes stronger (since pure 24 carat gold is often too weak for jewellery). This means that rose gold is often more durable than yellow or white gold.

However, when it comes to purity, rose gold is no different from yellow gold or white gold, and the copper does not take away from the value of the gold. In general, the redder the rose gold, the more copper in the mix.  

Why Buy a Rose Gold Eternity Ring?

There are many variations of gold available and the most popular ones include yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. However, due to its subtle pink luster, rose gold is considered to be the metal which carries romantic connotations. With this in mind, we believe that an eternity ring in rose gold the perfect way to honour someone special.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Rose Gold Eternity Ring?

There are pros and cons to any precious metal. Here at Diamond Heaven, we have comprised a list outlining some of the many benefits of buying a rose gold eternity ring.

  • It is more durable than white or yellow gold.

  • It does not need any recoating or maintenance during its lifetime compared to white gold (very low maintenance).

  • It suits and complements all skin types.

  • It has an exquisite vintage look.

  • It is considered the most romantic precious metal, making it the perfect token of love.

  • It is often more affordable than yellow gold due to copper content.

  • It is very on trend.

Here at Diamond Heaven, we offer a vast array of beautiful rose gold eternity rings. What better way to reflect everlasting love than wearing a rose gold eternity ring? If you are considering buying one for yourself or for a loved one, please visit our website and shop our range today. Check out our ultimate guide to eternity rings