How to Create a Bespoke Eternity Ring

How to Create a Bespoke Eternity Ring

Do you have an anniversary coming up soon? Are you wondering what to give to that special someone in your life? Why not give them a beautiful bespoke eternity ring? Eternity rings represent eternal love traditionally set in an endless band of diamonds. However, most people want to be more creative with their eternity ring and want to put their unique spin on it. How do you go about creating this unique piece of jewellery? Our step-by-step guide covers the eternity band bespoke process with our eternity ring builder.

Choose Your Diamond Type

When you visit our eternity ring builder online, the first step is to select what type of diamond you prefer, you can choose either a lab-grown diamond or a natural diamond. Consider whether you want something more ethical leaving the earth untouched or mined from one of the earth's most marvellous creations, a natural diamond. Our ring builder can bring the vision of your dream eternity ring to life all at the touch of a button. The eternity ring you create reflects your eternal love for one another and should be as unique as your love story.

Select the Diamond Shape

Once you’ve chosen what diamond you want for your eternity ring, you can select the diamond shape. In our ring builder, you can select a classic round-cut diamond eternity ring or choose something different such as the princess cut. Round cuts are the most popular diamond shape, as the symmetrical shape of a round cut delivers light from every angle of the stone. A princess cut has much in common with a round cut, sharing the same number of facets (58). However, the princess cut has a squarish shape, and it lines up in an eternity ring so neatly creating an endless line of diamonds, giving it a unique and contemporary look that compliments any engagement ring and wedding ring worn with it.

Pick Your Setting

After selecting the diamond shape, you can pick the setting which can change the look of your eternity ring and the appearance of the diamonds. This helps match your eternity ring up with the settings you have already chosen for your engagement ring and wedding ring to ensure they look more like a set and will sit together beautifully. In our eternity ring builder, you have six settings to choose from, which includes:

  • Scalloped Pave
  • French Pave
  • Channel Set
  • Shared Prong
  • Floating Prong
  • Soft Prong

Decide on Whether You Want a Half or Full Eternity Ring

Do you want a half-diamond or full-set eternity ring for your upcoming anniversary? It is the perfect gift to mark a huge milestone together. Choosing between these two options depends on your lifestyle as a full eternity ring needs to be taken off for day-to-day household activities, or if you have a very hands-on job, as the diamonds extend around your finger. Whereas a half-set diamond eternity ring can be worn more often and you can have the ring sized down the line if needed compared with a full eternity ring which cannot be sized at all. These questions will help you decide which option you prefer for your perfect eternity ring. The choice is yours when creating a breathtaking anniversary present.

Determine What Carat, Clarity and Colour You Want

After you have chosen a full or half-set eternity ring? It is time to decide on the diamond carat, clarity and colour. Under carat weight, there are seven choices to select for your newly designed diamond eternity band. This will determine how big all the diamonds in your eternity ring will be and the thickness of your eternity ring. This can also help you match it up to other rings if you plan to wear your eternity ring next to your wedding or engagement ring. 

  • 0.25ct
  • 0.33ct
  • 0.50ct
  • 0.75ct
  • 1.00ct
  • 1.50ct
  • 2.00ct

Within the Clarity & Colour section, there are two options to select in the ring builder. VS/FG and VVS/DE. The differences between the two grades are not visible to the naked eye and you can see the inclusions as they are both such high grades. However, you will see a difference with the VVS/DE being more sparkly as they have fewer inclusions to block the light through the diamond and the colour grade is completely colourless giving you the brightest and whitest diamonds in your eternity ring. We recommend viewing the different quality grades in your local Diamond Heaven showroom as you will see a price difference and to see the diamonds in person you will see why there is a price difference. However, both options give you a stunning sparkly eternity ring and the ability to choose the options and tailor the price to your budget. A visit in-store is the perfect way to get further details of the quality differences and can be a lovely day out together to design something so special that you will both treasure forever.

Choose Your Ring Metal 

Selecting the ring metal is a pivotal part of the eternity ring-building process. You want to ensure your ring lasts a lifetime, allowing it to be passed down from generation to generation. Always think about if you will be wearing the eternity ring on its own or next to another ring as you will need to match the metals if it is worn with another ring as some rings are a harder metal and can wear away at the other when worn together so be sure to mention this to your diamond consultant in our showrooms to make sure we offer you the best option possible. The following ring metal options we provide with our ring builder are:

  • Platinum
  • White Gold
  • Yellow Gold
  • Rose Gold

Add an Engraved Message to Your Eternity Band

Are you looking to add that extra personal touch to your eternity ring? Why not add a heartfelt engraved message to the band? You could add a meaningful quote, your name or initials with the date you first met or your wedding day and year. Another popular engraving option is to have your firstborn child's name or birthday as many couples buy an eternity ring for their first child as it's a huge milestone in your journey together. An engraving on the eternity ring makes it more personal and makes you smile when you peer inside the band to read it repeatedly. It is the perfect way to finish off your bespoke eternity ring which you both know you will treasure for the rest of your lives together.

Celebrate an upcoming anniversary in style by creating your bespoke eternity ring with Diamond Heaven. Need help designing your personalised eternity band? Book an appointment at one of our nationwide showrooms today. Our skilled jewellers and diamond consultants will assist you with creating the eternity ring of your dreams.