Creative and Alternative Ways to Wear Your Wedding Ring

Creative & Alternative Ways to Wear your Wedding Ring

A wedding ring signifies that your heart belongs to someone else. Here are alternative ways to wear a ring if you can’t wear yours all the time.

A wedding ring is a symbol of infinity and endless love due to its circle shape. It has no beginning and no end, which is exactly what a marriage should be. The wedding ring and engagement ring is also worn on the fourth finger of the left hand -  where the Ancient Romans believed the vena amoris was. Fast forward a few centuries and whilst this myth has been well and truly debunked, we still traditionally wear engagement rings and wedding rings on the fourth finger of the left hand.

However, not everyone can or wants to wear their wedding ring 24 hours of the day, seven days a week. Not everyone is a ring person, and some people find that their fingers swell during pregnancy, making it impossible to put their ring on.

Alongside this, in some professions it is deemed unsafe and unsanitary to wear your wedding ring. Yellow gold, white gold, platinum and palladium are beautiful materials that represent commitment and loyalty, but as we mentioned earlier they're not always fit for everyday use. If you're married or soon-to-be married and are unable to wear your wedding ring every day, here are a few alternative ways to wear your wedding ring! Download our essential guide to buying your wedding rings.

Alternatives to Wedding Rings

Whilst your diamond wedding ring is tucked safely away in your jewellery box, why not show your commitment with one of the following:

Matching Wedding Tattoos

If you're marrying the love of your life, then why not consider getting matching tattoos to symbolise your partnership? Just like marriage, a tattoo is everlasting. You could design a tattoo that takes both of your common interests into account, or go for a symbol of eternal or everlasting love. What's great is that these tattoos will be enhanced when you do wear your wedding ring!

Infinity Necklace and/or Bracelet

If you're still able to wear a necklace or bracelet but can't wear your wedding ring, then these beautiful pieces of diamond infinity jewellery will show your love and devotion. Available in platinum, palladium, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, these sparkling pieces of diamond jewellery will compliment your wedding ring effortlessly. You can find the infinity bracelet here and the infinity necklace here.

Alternative Ways to Wear Your Wedding Ring

Some people find that their fingers swell during pregnancy or illness, making it near enough impossible to put a wedding ring on. Some people have active lifestyles that prohibit them from wearing their ring and/or keeping track of it, Others simply don't like wearing rings, and that's okay. Here are alternative ways to style your men or women's wedding rings so that they still look great!

Wear Your Wedding Ring a Gold, Platinum or Palladium Chain

If you want to wear your wedding ring but keeping it on your ring finger isn't feasible, then place it on a high quality gold, platinum or palladium chain and wear it around your neck! Check out our range of necklaces here.

Secure It to a Charm Bracelet

If you're not a fan of necklaces, then secure your wedding ring to a bracelet or charm bracelet. Check out our range of diamond bracelets here.

Check out our range of men's or women's wedding rings. 

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