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Diamond Necklaces

Diamond necklaces are a truly timeless piece of jewellery - something that has been a popular choice of jewellery for thousands of years. A piece that adorns the neck; a diamond necklace offers the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

They're available in several different styles - solitaire necklaces are a classic, versatile option, while you can opt for something more colourful with a gemstone necklace, or a more extravagant design with a multi stone necklace.

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What Should You Consider Before Buying A Diamond Necklace?

Before you make a decision on which diamond necklace you're after, there are a few things worth considering, such as the style, the use, and the quality.

For the style of the necklace, a Solitaire diamond necklace is a classic option which always works well, while a multi stone necklace is a beautiful piece which is certain to turn heads. Gemstone necklaces offer a wider range of colours, as they're available in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

In terms of use - both solitaire and gemstone necklaces are fantastic for all occasions, while a multi stone necklaces may be a special occasion piece. Quality should also be taken into account, with the 4C's of diamond jewellery being looked at.

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What Are The 4Cs Of Diamond Quality? 

The 4Cs of diamond quality are cut, colour, clarity and carat. Cut is the only one that is determined by man-made process. Some of the most popular cuts include round, cushion and princess. The way in which the diamond is cut will determine how it reflects light and is often determined by the condition of the diamond.

The colour of a diamond scales from D to Z, with D being totally colourless and hints of yellow becoming more apparent as the scale runs down to Z. Clarity refers to how internally flawless the diamond is, measuring whether slight inclusions are present within the stone. Finally, carat refers to the weight of the diamond.

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